Learning how to apply mascara is a lot of fun. Mascara is wonderful because it can really turn a dull eye makeup look into an excellent one. If you're not sure how mascara is applied, then you'll definitely want to learn.

There is no better way to stand out from the crowd. The first thing you need to do is to choose great mascara. There are so many different brands and types within the brands that it can become very confusing.

The best way to choose mascara is to decide what you're looking for. Some women need longer looking lashes. Other women need fuller lashes. Still others need both!

Determining the category that you' re in can really work wonders in helping you to choose mascara that's right for you in learning how to apply mascara.

Once you've narrowed it down you can look at the brands that offer the mascara type you need. Ask friends and family for their recommendations if you can't seem to figure it out. There are also many online reviews of the different mascara you're considering buying.

After you have your mascara all picked out, you can think about learning how to apply mascara.

1. Make sure your lashes are clean. It can be helpful to get a special eye makeup cleaner to make sure this is the case.

2. Apply all of your other eye makeup. Your mascara is kind of like the icing on the cake!

3. Then, take the wand out of the mascara. Be very careful not to pump the wand! If you do this it can cause air bubbles to appear. Air bubbles lead to unsightly clumps that no one wants to deal with!

4. Start at the base of your eyelashes with your wand. Move the wand downwards toward the end of your lashes. Wiggling the wand a bit can help to separate the lashes and makes sure there is a coating of mascara on each and every one.

5. Then, start at the base of your eyelashes again before that coat dries. Move the wand upwards from the base. Again, wiggle the wand a little to get each and every lash.

6. You can add a third coat if you want, but there is more of a chance of getting clumps if you do. Note-Some women like to use an eyelashes curler at the start of this process.

You may do that as well if you want some curl in your lashes as well! As you see, learning how to apply mascara is not as complicated as it sounds. Follow these tips and you'll be an old pro in no time at all!