You Can Apply and Obtain a Tourist Visa for the Philippines(47772)

If you're a foreign national who wants to stay more than 21 days in the Philippines, then you'll need to apply and obtain a tourist visa through the Bureau of Immigration (BI). 

Foreigners who are passport holders visiting the Philippines and decide to stay less than 21 days may not necessarily need a visa. You only need to check whether your passport has a validity of 6 months then your round-trip plane or cruise tickets should be presented to the Immigration authorities upon your arrival in the Philippines.

Moderately Challenging


things you'll need:

  • Passport that is valid for at least six months beyond your travel date
  • Money for your application fee
  • Official application form (Updated)
  • Big brown envelope (Optional)
  • A passport-sized 2" x 2" photo (50 mm X 40 mm) colored or black and white with white plain background showing clear frontal view of the face
  • Proof of financial capacity for your travel
  • Evidence of a purchased round-trip or onward airline ticket for confirmed travel itinerary
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      Find the official website of the Bureau of Immigration so that you can locate the Philippine Consulate Office that is nearest the area where you currently reside. There are Philippine Consulate branch offices that are usually located in some of the major cities. You may find a complete list of the all of the locations in the official website by checking one of the Resources below this article.

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      Download the official application form for a non-immigrant visa through the Embassy website of the Philippines. Just click the link "Download Consular Forms" and look for the non-immigrant visa application from the forms that are listed on the web page then click the link. You can also obtain this official form from the Philippines Consulate office that is located nearest your area.

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      Check for the current application fees that are required for your tourist visa application. You can look for the updated fees for Aliens Admitted with a Tourist Visa (59 days) including the Visa Extension fees if you're interested in extending your stay through the official website of the Bureau of Immigration found also in the resources below this article.

      Take note that effective February 15, 2008 all applicants for extension of their tourist visa under the Visa Issuance Made Simple (VIMS) are required to pay an additional amount to their immigration fees, a Certification Express fee plus a Legal Research Fee for every transaction. 

      Aliens who would like to stay for more than six months in the Philippines are required to pay a Certificate of Residence Temporary Visitor. You can pay it in cash, money order or certified check payable to the Philippine Consulate General. 

      Take note that personal check is not accepted. If ever you can see fees through Philippine pesos, you may easily convert it into your own currency by looking for a free currency converter online. Just type "free currency converter" from any search box engine, select which ever you want to use so that you can instantly calculate your currency and the current foreign exchange rate by selecting your country and the Philippines then click the button "convert".

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      Fill-out and print the Philippines visa application form (F.A. Form 2) from the official website of the Philippines Consulate General that has jurisdiction over the state in which you currently reside. You can also visit the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines for a complete list of locations so that you can see the nearest Consulate General in your area.

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      Obtain one passport-sized 2" x 2" photo (50 mm X 40 mm) colored or black and white with white plain background showing your face in front full view for your tourist visa application. If you have any extra passport photo that was taken within the last 6 months, you can still use it to submit for your application.

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      Purchase your airline or cruise tickets for the Philippines. You can buy a round-trip or onward airline or cruise tickets for your confirmed travel itinerary. Take note that the length of your stay will also determine whether or not you'll need a tourist visa. Remember that most foreign nationals that will enter the Philippines can stay visa-free for up to 21 days.

      Take note that the authorized maximum period of stay in the Philippines for holders of temporary visitor's visa is fifty-nine days per entry into the country. If you wish to stay beyond 59 days, an application for extension of stay must be filed at the Bureau of Immigration in Manila, or the Immigration Office nearest to the place where you're currently residing.

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      Gather the necessary documents needed for your tourist visa application. These important documents include: a valid passport good for at least six months, a round-trip airline/cruise tickets or certification from the travel agency that you will be in possession of a round-trip airline or cruise tickets, one 2" x 2" passport-size photo, proof of financial stability during the expected time that you'll spend in the Philippines, and proof of application payment.

      Collect all proof of financial capacity to travel. You will need two documents for this as your evidence. First, you need to obtain a photocopy of a recent bank statement, for example, your checking or savings account to show that you are financially capable to travel. 

      Second, you need to have either photocopies of your round trip tickets for a confirmed travel itinerary, or a certification from a travel agent that you'll be in possession of round trip tickets at the time of your travel. Place your application form inside a big brown envelope including a check or money order for your application fee, evidence of financial capacity and your passport valid for a period of six months beyond your travel date.

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      Pay the application fee. There are three different fees for nationals of countries with visa agreement with the Philippines: a single entry valid for three months will cost US $ 30.00, a multiple entry valid for six months will cost US $ 60.00 while a multiple entry valid for twelve months will cost US $ 90.00. For nationals of countries without visa agreement with the Philippines: a single entry valid for three months shall cost US $ 40.00, a multiple entry valid for six months will cost US $ 80.00 and a multiple entry valid for twelve months will cost US $120.00.

      Applicants applying for visas by mail should include the corresponding fee in the form of money order made payable to the Embassy of the Philippines. You may check for the current fees at their official website found in one of the resources below.

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      Apply in person at the nearest Philippine Consulate General's office in your area. All applicants are requested to dress properly. Transactions are entertained during Mondays through Fridays, from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. If you decide to apply in person, you may expect to get your visa processed and added to your passport by waiting within a couple of hours only. 

      If you will not apply in person, your completed application form should be notarized. Complete the visa application form, but do not sign it yet. If you'll be going to the Philippine Consulate General's office in person, you should sign the application form in the presence of the Consular officer.

      If you'll send your application packet through mail, you should sign the application form in the presence of a Notary Public, who will then check your identification and notarize the form as evidence that you are the person who signed the official application form. You need to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage stamps duly certified or any other reliable form of mail or courier service to ensure the return of your passport.

      You can check individual policy from the Philippines Consulate General administering over your state regarding shipping postage. Postal services that use tracking numbers are usually preferred since the Embassy assumes no responsibility for any loss of your application via mail. If you'll submit your application through mail, you may receive their reply together with your paperwork and passport within a week.