In Social security administration system, a person whose age is 18 yrs and has constant disability is known as an adult child. The adult child is entitled to obtain supplemental security income (SSI) and other benefits. The Social Security Administration decides eligibility based on earnings and assets. A person who is underage can use earnings and assets of their parents for qualification purposes.

How to Start an Application for SSA or SSI

To start the process of applying for Social Security Disability Benefits, you need to make a call to SSA office and request them for an appointment in order to get the disability benefits on behalf of an adult child. The toll free number of SSA is (800) 772-1213. Ask the phone operator to send you a copy of the "Adult Starter Kit." This kit contains Job and Medical worksheet, need to be filled out before the appointment.

Social Security Disability Interview

Prior to the appointment, you need to gather military service record, proof of citizenship, certified birth certificates, social security numbers, household expense, record of assets and earnings, and medical records. Also, a social security number is needed for the person who's making the application on behalf of the adult child.

You need to stick to your appointment. If you don't have all the information, the case manager will help you find the missing information because extending the date of appointment will lead to greater delay. Try to have as much information ready as required for the interview.

Getting Disability for Anxiety

You need to file your paperwork at home at a safe location and the worker who is allotted your case will make copies of your documents in order to be taken to office. They will return your originals and provide you with further paperwork that is a summary of your visit. Suppose, the Social Security Administration loses your file, you will need these papers to prove that you have applied for benefits. It is also useful in other events such as other benefits or changing doctors. Even having it at one location will save your expenses and time.

Wait for 2-5 months for your claim for disability benefits. If you don't hear anything by the end of five months, you need to make a call to the office where you have applied for benefits. Again file an appeal if they don't agree to the benefits.