In these hard economic times and with so many people being laid off from work knowing how to get unemployment is almost a requirement to survival for many families. But unemployment checks can take a while to begin coming in and even after they do start coming in, stores of food in your kitchen are dwindling. You shouldn't have to ration the food in your own cupboards and with state assistance, you won't have to. Getting food stamps is an important addition to any unemployment check and can even be supplemental to your everyday check.

Things You Will Need

Social Security Card

Birth Certificate

Driver's license

Pay stub

Accounting books if you own a business

Step 1

Answer some basic questions to yourself:

Are you a resident of Missouri? You must be to apply for food stamps in Missouri.

Are you a seasonal or migrant worker? If you are a qualified immigrant you can.

Do you live in a homeless shelter? It's difficult to qualify if you do not have a permanent address, but if you apply the workers may assist you in finding residence.

Are you a U.S. citizen? It is difficult to qualify if you are not.

Step 2

Locate your local Family Support Division(FSD) office, a link is included in the resources to do this. Use the "Income Maintenance" heading to find the proper office.

Step 3

You may either go to the FSD office and pick up the food stamp form or you may call the FSD office and have a form mailed to you.

Step 4

If you are eligible based on the information you provide you will be sent a letter asking for a meeting. Prepare the needed items for the meeting.

Step 5

A caseworker will meet with you when you attend your appointment. Answer honestly any questions the caseworker has.

Step 6

The caseworker will enter all information into the computer and will make copies of many of the documents you provide.

Step 7

The caseworker will be able to tell you that day if you are eligible for food stamps or not. If you are, you will receive your EBT(food stamp) card in the mail.


To find your local FSD.

Tips & Warnings

You can get expedited food stamps if you are in severe need within 7 days of filing your application. You will automatically be screened for this when applying.

If you disagree with any rulings made by the FSD you can ask for a fair hearing(ie, disagree with being denied, disagree with amount of money you receive, etc)

You cannot use your food stamp card to buy tobacco, soap, toothpaste, paper products, pet food, alcohol, or other non-food products.

Each time you buy food, the new account balance will be reflected on the receipt.