State and government assistance programs such as welfare - which provides food stamps are there to help you in times of need. These programs are available to most people, provided that they fall into the proper category of needy and meet certain financial criteria.

So, if you are in Washington and you have been laid off or are struggling and are in need of grocery, cash or medical assistance contact your local Department of Social and Health Services also known as DSHS office immediately. Here you can apply for food stamps, financial and medical assistance for your family.

Things You Will Need

Proof of Identity, I.D, Social Security Card, proof of utility and housing costs, food stamp application form, proof of dependents

Step 1

First track down your local DSHS office - Department of Social and Health Services, a quick call to your local directory can point you to a location near you or you can call 1-800-737-0617 to find a Community Services Office near you. This is one of the places that you will have to go through to apply for food stamps or even cash assistance (TANF) and medical. The other location would be your local Social Security office

Step 2

Visit your local office and pick up an application for assistance, you need to fill this out completely to see if you qualify for food stamps.

You can also visit to apply or download forms and get additional information.

Be prepared to provide all of the information below:

  • Proof of residence or lack thereof
  • Proof of housing and utility costs
  • Proof of income
  • Copy of Social Security card
  • Proof of all dependents (Birth certificates, etc.)
  • Proof of Citizenship

Step 3

Once your application for state assistance is completed turn it in and you will be given an appointment either in office or via phone. You will meet with a case worker who will establish your eligibility for food stamps and notify you if they need any other information from you to get your case approved.

If you require other information turn it in quickly so as to not delay receiving your food stamps.

Step 4

Once approved you will be given a Quest card in which your food stamps will be transferred to. Take your card to the grocery store and use as you would a credit/debit card for grocery only purchases.

Keep in mind in Washington state that you are only allowed to receive assistance for a certain number of months or years, so be sure you are applying only when you need it. You also need to make sure you give accurate information on your forms and paperwork and that you update your case with any changes (i.e. increase/decrease in monthly incomes, gifts, property, moves etc).

Tips & Warnings

If you do not have any of the information that is required to apply for food stamps in Washington and it costs money to obtain it, welfare (DSHS) may be able to help cover the costs.