Learn how to apply for free government grant money.

I'm sure that with all of the sensationalized media references to "free government money" in the newspaper classifieds, internet advertisements, and late night television commercials, you too are wondering how you can get your hands on this very real government offer.

In this article, I will outline some very simple steps on how you can apply for free government grant money.

Things You Will Need

Internet Access

Step 1

The good thing is that all you need to get started is an internet connection. There are thousands of grants available as well as comprehensive information available at www.grants.gov. The registrar is updated daily with new grant opportunities, so I would take the time to go through each grant that interests you and ensure that you fit the qualifications.

Once you have accumulated grants that fit your needs, record the grant number for your reference. This number will be needed for your application and all materials related to your application. Before you apply for free government grants, you must register with this site using the application number. You will then be directed to create a profile using your personal information. At this time you will create a user name and password and will have officially become a member of this website.

Step 2

There is a long application process and stringent approval guidelines when you apply for free government grant, so the first thing you would need to do is assess your intentions for applying for any of these grants and write down a plan of action, explaining your career objective, the courses and school that accommodate your needs, and goals. Once you have created a concise agenda, it is now time to turn your agenda into a proposal.

Some grants don't require proposals, however it is good to have one because chances are, you will be applying for more than one. Once you have identified realistic goals, your search and application process will becomes much easier. You can find literature that will help you formulate a well articulated proposal at your local library as well as online.

Step 3

Many of these grants do have filing deadlines so it is crucial to mark your calendar and ensure that you are organized throughout the process. Other requirements necessary to apply for free government grant are to report personal and financial information, so have income tax returns, identification, proof of address, and a record of expenses handy.

Information provided on the application must be 100% accurate. If not, your chances of being approved will be slim and penalties for providing false statements could result in fines and imprisonment.

Step 4

There are many different grant categories for different awards varying from education grants, to business grants, to writing grants and creative development. Ensure that you are organized and diligent in your endeavors and you should be successful within this process. Patience is defiantly required to apply for free government grant, as responses can take anywhere from three weeks to a year. File for as many grants as you are qualified to enhance your chances of scoring an award.

Keep in mind that this information is not marketed to the general public and many of these grants go by unused. Do not invest your money into any program that claims to provide you with the same information that you can find for free at this site.

Tips & Warnings