The Arizona unemployment rates are skyrocketing and layoffs and business closures are making it difficult to find any new jobs regardless of experience and education. If you are currently unemployed and - or have recently been laid off or lost your job then you may be able to apply for unemployment benefits in Arizona right online.

Here we will discuss the first few steps it takes to apply for benefits and what to expect, just to get you started. Now be sure to bookmark the Arizona Unemployment page (shown below) because once you apply and receive approval of eligibility you will be able to come back weekly to file your claim, unless of course you prefer to call in your information which is another option that will be open to you as well.

Things You Will Need

Personal Information
Work History
Internet Access

Step 1

If you have reliable computer access you can apply for your Arizona unemployment benefits online by going to Then scroll down until you find "apply for benefits." After you click on the link you will be taken to a page where you can choose to view information in English or Spanish. You will make your selection and then be taken to an informational page that after you read through you must click proceed to continue.

Step 2

Next you will be taken to a page which will provide you with must read information regarding filing your Arizona unemployment benefits claim and beneath it you will discover a link labeled File A Claim.

Step 3

Now, over the next several pages you will be prompted to provide your name and social security number as well as residential and a full years worth of employment information to see if you qualify for unemployment benefits in Arizona. So, before starting your online unemployment benefit application you will need to be sure you have the address and phone number of each employer in that 1 year time period.

Step 4

Once you have submitted your information you will be contacted via postal mail, typically in 1 to 2 weeks, as to whether or not you are eligible and if so how much Arizona unemployment benefits you will receive. If for any reason you do not receive correspondence from them within this time frame you can contact them to check the status of your application or claim.

Again be sure to bookmark the site after you visit that way you can easily access any Arizona unemployment benefits or claims information you may need and also to be able to file weekly claims online if you are approved.

Tips & Warnings