There are important documents that you need to show to your local Social Security office if you come to the U.S. and married your fiance or fiancee through a K-1 visa. The question is, how can you get a Social Security number so you can also work?

Moderately Easy


Things you'll need:

  • Money for applicable fee
  • Your valid passport with the K1 visa in it (biographical information or photograph in it)
  • Marriage certificate (original copy)
  • Driver's license (original copy), birth certificate or other form of ID as specified in the SS-5 instructions
  • Valid I-94
  • Filled up SS-5 form
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      Take note that the K-1 symbol in your visa means that you are a fiancé/fiancée of a U.S. citizen and you're eligible for a Social Security number and also for employment.

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      Complete an application for a Social Security Card (Form SS-5) in order to apply for a Social Security number.

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      Prepare pertinent documents to prove your immigration status, work eligibility, age and identity before going to the Social Security office nearest your area. Bring your passport with your biographical information or photograph in it and your recent marriage certificate (original copy) or driver's license (original copy).

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      Remember that the Social Security Administration has an official site featuring recent online forms, benefits information, and other services so before going to their office, you may download Form SS-5 and fill-up your application. You may not immediately see this form in the front page of their website so just type "Form SS-5" in their search box and click "go" when you visit their website. After that, you'll be directed to another web page where you can download the form through a PDF Text Version.

      You can also download an application form for a Social Security Card at the Social Security Administration via their website by simply typing the URL: on your web browser. Take note that this official application form can be used by anyone who has never been issued a card. You don't need to pay to download this form, it's absolutely free.

      Read the given instructions thorougly prior filling up their application form. The instructions can be seen with the official form that have downloaded online. You can either type or handwrite your answers on the given form. If you prefer to handwrite your answers, make sure that you use black ink only.

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      After filling-up your application form SS-5, bring your original documents to your nearest local Social Security office since you may need to apply in person. These important documents will be your evidence that you are eligible to file for a SSN. 

      Simply submit your application and wait for the approval from the reviewing officer. If possible, it would be good if you'll be accompanied by your American husband or wife.


Tips & Warnings

  • Try to come early in the morning to your nearest local Social Security office when you apply in person to avoid a long line of applicants.

  • Just be sure that all documents must be either originals or copies that are only certified by the issuing agency. Do not waste your time going there bringing not original documents because the Social Security officers will not accept photocopies or notarized copies of documents.

    You may apply for a SSN about three weeks after your arrival in the US. You could also appy later but just make sure that your I-94 is not near it's expiration date. It's advisable that you file 14 days before the expiration of your I-94. You may be able to receive your SSN in the mail for about 2-3 weeks after you have successfully applied for your SSN.