If you want to be an outgoing individual you will come accross lots of new people in your life. Now, if you want to ask for help or just start a conversation or just want to enjoy talking with the person, you need to follow one of these simple steps. Keep the attention focused on other person. Keep the conversation flowing  by following these simple steps.

a) Say Hi with a Smile and follow up with a firm Handshake.

                If you feel awkward meeting someone new, it’s usually because you put yourself under pressure to talk to that person. A strong 'hi' is a best way to open up as opposed to a weak one. Now follow up with a firm hand shake.

b) Observe Something and Comment.

            Observe something that’s intriques you while you notice the person. It may be the way they walk or the way they talk. Let them know how unique you find it. Just make sure its genuine comment.

c) Talk About Themselves

                Next in the order would be to talk about thier ambition or passion ? Everyone has an ambition. You will know where they are going in life.

d) Talk About Hobbies & Interests

            Everyone i have met till now always had some hobbies. Their hobbies could be writing, reading, watching movies, listening to music, travelling etc. For example, if they love to read books, i would ask about their favorites authors, the types of books they admire, any recommendations for future reads.

e) Talk About Their Role Models

                Well, everyone has role models, who pushes us to improve ourselves and keep on giving our best in whatever we do. I have many of them too.  Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck, Al Pachino, Tom Hanks, and Jack Johnson are my role models because they represent confidence, charm, and warmth which i would like to have in myself. So, what about them ? Who or what inspires them in life ?

f) Talk about the Objects

                It's also good to talk about any objects or gadgets that you notice. Maybe they are carrying that brand new Samsung Galaxy mobile. Maybe you like thier new shiny shoes or their T-Shirt which has a cool graphic on it.

g) Have Fun and Leave Early

                Yeah, as soon as you two have shared information, and you seem to run out of topics, you can leave early. Ask for email address or a facebook account and say that you will add them on your freind list.

Now, by now you already have learnt how to communicate with strangers. Follow these simple steps and keep on approaching people. Keep on learning from each encounter. With practice you will become a good conversationlist.

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