Tap Into the Corporate Piggy Bank

Ever heard of the saying, the squeaky wheel gets the oil? This can be applied in most business settings. Sometimes, when it comes to getting a raise, you will have to ask for it. Your boss might be too busy to realize that you deserve a raise or maybe they just don'€™t pay attention. Asking can bring your name to the forefront.

Things You Will Need

Confidence, and a receptive boss

Step 1

Put yourself in your boss'€™s shoes for a minute. I don't mean go around and start giving assignments, delegating work, and falling asleep on conference calls. Be objective and ask yourself what you would say if an employee with your skill and work ethic asked for a raise? If you would give yourself a raise, then proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Prior to waltzing into your boss's office with your demands, arm yourself with information. What do you actually do for the company to save them money? Your company exists to turn a profit, reduce costs, and maintain good customer relations. If you can prove that you have improved a process or are making the company a specific sum of money, you can use this to your advantage. Just make sure that you are saving the company enough money to justify your job before you give them that information.

Step 3

Timing is everything. You will need to ask your boss for a raise when the time is right. Maybe your boss is in a good mood when they are about to leave for the evening. You know when they are most receptive and that is when you should press the matter.

Step 4

Don't obsess over the amount. If your company is willing to give you a raise then you should take it. Pushing too much for a bigger raise can hurt the way the company views you.

Step 5

If you are unable to convince them to give you a raise, then maybe it is time to start looking for another job. Your company will recognize that they are about to lose one of their most valuable employees and try to keep you. Sometimes they just let you go. Either way you will be making more money, which was the goal.

Remember to be assertive but don't be too pushy. This could blow up in your face if you are unwilling to budge.

Tips & Warnings