How to ask her out? Sooner or later, at some point in our life we will all come across this question. It will happen the day when you meet the girl of your dreams. And then the question How to ask her out will haunt you for a couple of days. Maybe even many days, in particular if you are a little shy.
We all know how hard it is to open up a conversation with someone you hope that might share your inner emotions. It can be hard to decide How to ask her out even whether you only want to have some fun for a shorter period, or whether you think of it as the beginning of a long term relationship.
I hope that the guidelines in this article will make it easier for you to ask someone out. And the article will discuss which qualities a man needs, and which steps that should be taken to approach a girl that you want to ask out.

What is needed in order to be successful?
In order to be able to ask a woman out some qualities are needed. But if you lack those now, then it is qualities that can be learned, such as:

check Self Esteem
This is one of the most important qualities a man should have in such a situation. It doesn't matter if you are fat or skinny, short or tall, how rich you are and what job you have. The only important thing for you is that you know you are good enough for anyone. Don't let the thought Oh man, she is far better than me, and too nice for me get into your head. That thought will only get you down, and in that case you don't have any chance from the very beginning. So build up your self esteem and be proud of whom you are. Do not, ever ever, doubt in yourself when you want to ask someone out.

checkBe Polite!
All men know, or rather they ought to know, that if you are not polite to a woman then your chances of going out with her are very small. A man has to make a woman feel respected if he wants her to go out with him. Therefore, make her feel good about herself, and most important make her feel that it is a nice and pleasant experience to be in a company with you.

Maybe not the most important thing but what better way is there than to make a girl feel good but by making her laugh? If humor is performed in the right way and in the right quantity then it is the opposite of boredom, and who wants to be bored.

One more thing before we continue, I didn't put this in the list above, because I personally think that this quality deserves to stand out alone in the spot light:

checkBe original! Be Yourself as the Unique Person that You are
Do not go to a girl acting like Jean Claude Van-Dame, Brad Pitt, or something that you are not. Do not say what your friends told you to say, just be original and say the things that you want to say; - those words that are your own.

Which steps should you take?
Now that you know the basic qualities that you need then we can proceed to the steps of asking someone out:
1st step: There are several cheesy techniques which you can use to lower the chances of a rejection (such as making a bet with the girl, where the loser of the bet has to prepare them a dinner, or invite somewhere, coffee or cinema etc.) but these kinds of games should actually be unnecessary. Because if you are straightforward, and do not beat around the bush about what it is that you want, then a girl will respect you and admire your self-confidence. Optimally, you would ask her in a face to face setting. However, if that is not possible, either because the opportunity will not present itself in a natural way, or because you haven't yet achieved to the level of hundred percent self esteem and self confidence, then your best alternative would most likely be to ask her out over the phone.
2nd step: Be prepared with an exact plan if she says Yes! Do not stand there after the Yes! and begin to think: Now what will I do? I didn't think she would say yes. Make a detailed plan from the beginning!
3rd step: Also be prepared if she says No. Do not act shocked or offended. Just be like, Alright. Then carry on the conversation as if you never asked. Do not beg, insist, or put pressure on her. Be friendly and polite. Seeing your good response might actually raise her interest for a future occasion.

How to ask a shy girl out?
These are the most important steps you have to make to get a girl's attention in order to make her go out with you. But one of the hardest things to do is How to ask a shy girl out?
Well she maybe is a little shy, but don't forget she is still a woman. Therefore, do the same things which we considered earlier, but focus a little bit more in making her feel comfortable being around you before you ask her out. Make her feel special and prove to her that she has nothing to worry about, and most of all that she can be herself with you.

Here is a summary of the most important tips about How to Ask Her Out. When you want to ask her out then you need to be really confident in your own strength and have a high self esteem, be confident that she will like you for the person that you are; but at the same time let her feel that she can be herself too. Be polite, make her feel valued and respected, make her feel good about herself, and make her laugh. Make it a pleasant experience when you ask her out. Good luck to both of you!