In these post credit crunch days it may seem a rather foolhardy proposition to look for a pay rise for a job your boss might think you should just be grateful to have, but we should not allow ourselves into being conned into accepting less than we are worth, for longer than we absolutely have to.

Things You Will Need

The most important thing to do before you even knock on that office door is to make an honest evaluation of your own strengths and weaknesses. The former because then you can put forward the most assertive case for a raise, the latter so you can deflect negatives so much better if you are self-aware and in some circumstances it may even be possible to turn a deficiency into, if not a pay rise, then recognition that you need some training that can lead to later pay hike, or in a worst case scenario, look good on your resume when looking for another job!

Step 1

You should not make the discussion you need into a public spectacle so don't confront the boss in front of others or sidle up to them at the water cooler . Make at least a half hour appointment and tell your boss what you want to talk about , so you have time to put your whole case and they have time to prepare too.

Step 2

Double check in case what you actually need to ask for is an advance or interest free loan to tide you over a sticky patch,because that is a different conversation altogether!

Step 3

Before you go to the meeting remember that it will probably be one of many your boss will be having that day, if you are not used to this kind of thing don't worry if you have prepared well using your job description to identify areas where you perform well or even, exceed what is expected of you.

Put your case clearly but whatever you do don't threaten to leave if you do not get what you ask for. Your boss will need time and space to think over what you have said. Tell them that you will make another appointment in a weeks time to find out what they think. Then go and get on with that job you know you should get a pay rise for!

Tips & Warnings