Asking a girl, or woman out on a date isn't that difficult. I realize it can be intimating to do this, though. Having the courage to ask is the difficult part. The actual approach is very simple and easy to do. It's all about having the right approach and demeanor when asking a girl out. Sometimes if you have the wrong approach, even if they're interested, it can change their mind on wanting to go out with you. So to ask out a girl out, you have to think she is interested to begin with, obviously. If she says no, don't beat yourself up over it. It's really not that big of a deal. She might have a boyfriend, or just doesn't want to date at the moment.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Start off with a little conversation. I think it's good to start off with a little conversation, to keep the mood nice and light. Also to get some positive vibes, before you actually ask her out. I don't think you should just go up there, and ask right away. It comes off a bit too tensed, awkward, and sudden. Start talking to her first and get her attention before asking her out.

Step 2

Smile when talking to her. This is a nice little trick you can do, to feel her mood out. Talk about something pleasant, and then smile at her when carrying on a little conversation. See if she smiles back at you. If she does, this could be a great hint that she'd like you to ask her out. At the very least, she appears to like you in a friendly manner. It will help in allowing you to work up a little more courage to ask her out. Since you'll probably be a bit nervous, this can be helpful.

Step 3

Be calm and confident. It is good to be confident and calm when asking a girl out. Some girls might find it a bit sweet, or cute if they sense you are nervous. It's still better to remain confident when asking her out, though. You'll feel more confident if you start off having a conversation about something simple first. That way when you ask, you can come across more polished and sure of yourself. It will have a much better result. Sometimes a girl truly doesn't even know if she would, or wouldn't go out with you. So having the proper demeanor and confidence can make her mind up at that exact moment. If you come across as not quite sure of yourself, she might not be sure what to do as well. Which would then lead to a possible no. You want to make a positive and confident impression, to make her subconscious force her to say yes, incase there was any disarray she was feeling.

Step 4

Make a funny joke and keep things loose. I think it's important to keep the mood light and loose before asking. So if you can get her laughing, you're as good as gold. You can also establish if whether of not it's the right time to ask her. Who knows, she could be having a really off day, and might not really feel like going on a date. If you can get her to loosen up a bit, it can really help you out more.

Step 5

Keep it casual and simple. When you ask her out, just keep it real simple. Examples: "Would you like to get a cup of coffee sometime? Do you want to go to the carnival together? Would you like to go skating?" Just ask her out casually, don't make it so dramatic. She'll realize this is a date, girls will understand you're asking them out. They'll appreciate that you're not making it too sudden, and casual can be a good thing. 

Sometimes if you come off too strong, you can scare a girl off. Girls are different, you can't always assume they're all the same. Some truly might want to jump into a serious relationship, some rather just take it slow. If you come off too strong, they might not be interested then. That's why I'd just keep it casual and simple. Don't go into a preamble about how you feel, then ask her out. It feels too sudden, desperate, and rushed. I wouldn't mention your interest level, or feelings at all for now. Girls like surprises, and you'll need to keep her interest. If you show her all your cards now, you'll have nothing later. Just go with the flow and keep it simple. Don't throw everything at her right away. Just ask her out somewhere specifically. If she has any interest at all, she'll say I'd love to get on a date with you.
Asking a girl out takes courage. It does, because rejection is something no one likes. It doesn't make you any less of a person if someone says no. It's happens to even the best.

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