Domain Name Registration is the final phase before you make the ultimate commitment of having a website. Excited, you need to be ready for what comes next! For those folks who are purchasing a domain name for the first time, the registration is a little intimidating, none the less essential.

However, to make sure you have the right domain name prior to registration you need to be asking yourself the right questions. Here's how to do it!

Things You Will Need

Domain Name Registration

Need for Website

Step 1

You need to ask yourself: Have I spelled the words correctly? Unless you are intentionally misspelling a word, sometimes in the excitement of getting it all together you misspell a word. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but when you are in the midst of domain name registration you have no 'second' time. Once purchased it is your domain name.

Step 2

Does your website need to be singular or plural. Does it make more sense to be 'hit' or 'hits'? Thinking about your audience, you really need to place yourself in their shoes. Would this be easier to understand or simplier? If you find a plural to be confusing then you need to drop it.

Step 3

What is your final decision on the ending. Traditionally, it is .com or .net or .org. But these days there are hundreds of endings to choose from include .tv. Make your decision from the perspective of the audience. What sounds safe and secure yet interesting for the topic you are presenting on your website?

Step 4

Do I need to ask people who don't know me how they envision the name of my website? If you have as a website but it is based on a name of a town, you might find yourself explaining far more than need be. Avoid this by incorporating other people's opinion (your ultimate audience.)

Domain name registration is a serious step to opening yourself to an Internet audience. Make sure you think about all the angles so you can bring maximum exposure with your domain name.

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