How to Attract Girls Online

What's the Limiting Factor in Your Dating Life?

When it comes to attracting girls, there's one problem that is a constant in today's world: not enough time. Think about how much you have going on in your life right now. Weigh your commitments against your free time, and think about how much time you actually have to meet new girls.

How Much Time Do Really You Have, Anyway?

Do you work eight hours a day? That's half of your waking life (assuming you sleep eight hours), leaving you with eight free hours a day.

You probably spend at least an hour waking up and getting ready for work—making coffee, showering, changing, grabbing some breakfast—that's seven hours left.

You probably spend an hour commuting, and an hour eating dinner when you get home; that's 5 hours left.

On top of that, factor in how much time you spend:

  • watching TV (one hour? two? more, if there's a big game on?)
  • doing the dishes (15 minutes?)
  • taking out the trash (5 minutes?)
  • walking and feeding the dog (20 minutes?)
  • cleaning the house (20 minutes?)
  • paying the bills (15 minutes?)
  • brushing your teeth (5 minutes?
  • going to the bathroom (20 minutes?)
  • working out (an hour?)
  • doing the laundry (an hour and a half?)
  • talking on the phone (20 minutes?)

What does that leave you with? An hour or two a night? And that's assuming an 8-hour workday, and these days, many of us work a lot longer than that.

Time is the Problem

I think you get the point. The number one problem for most of us is just not having enough time! Sure, there may be other problems. Maybe you could be in better shape. Maybe you could dress more fashionably. Maybe you could take up a new interesting hobby. Maybe you could hang out in more woman-rich locations, like taking yoga or dance classes. And so on. But before any of that stuff even comes into play, you must have the time to do it.

Unfortunately, neither you nor I is likely to inherit a ton of free time in the near future. The fact is, we lead busy lives, and that's probably not going to change. So what's the solution?

The Solution

Online dating.

I don't expect you to take my word for it. In fact, if you think you have a better solution, then go for it; try it out; and if it works, please let me know! I try to stay as open-minded as possible. But I've thought about this a lot. And I've tried a lot of possible solutions. I've gone out to bars and clubs on the weekends. I've taken classes with lots of women in them (yoga, tango, acting—you name it, I've taken it). And in my experience, online dating is the best way to meet girls on a busy schedule.

Your Profile Does the Work For You

It takes some time to set up your profile and figure out the site, but once you get all that stuff set up, online dating doesn't take long. (Especially if you use my favorite dating site; check out my website to find out what it is.) You read a few profiles and send a few messages. If you really like a girl, you meet up for a drink. If not, you don't. It's easy, convenient, and you can do it anytime and anywhere. You can even do it in line at the grocery store on your smartphone.


Thanks for reading my article; be sure to check out my website,, for more information, including my favorite dating site and a ton of online dating tips for men. Good luck!