How to Attract Money

If you know how to attract money you can make your life into what you want it to be. You can find a job that you actually like or even start your own business. You can of course buy everything you want and you'll have a lot less stress on your life and family. There is no proven formula on how to attract money so you'll have to try a variety of techniques to find what works best for you.

The law of attraction basically states that whatever thoughts you put out into the universe you get back multiplied. If you are constantly thinking that you are poor or you have too many bills, that's what will come back to you. Start living a life of abundance. This doesn't mean that you get to charge up all those credit cards because you think you'll be rich someday. It changes how you think about money and how you deal with money.
You may even find yourself spending less money because you are happier and focusing on your own well being instead of keeping up with the Jones'.

You'll need to clearly define your goals as the first part of how to attract money. Many life coaches recommend creating vision boards with cut outs of what you want out life. Some users have even reported that they ended up living in the exact same house that they had cut out years before. A vision board helps you keep your goals in mind. This will change your thinking from one of being stuck and bogged down by debt, to one that is moving towards what you want, even if you are at the bottom right now. You might even want to print out your bank account and then paste the numbers that you want to see over your actual balance.

Another way to change your thinking is through the use of affirmations. This requires that you state out loud your intentions to the universe. Saying affirmations can almost be a form of meditation, you can even write them down while you are on the bus. You'll need to utilize several ways to keep your thoughts positive when you aren't where you want to be yet.

The power of positive thinking can help you change your relationship with money. You'll need to balance reality with the future. Some of your friend may even think that this approach is crazy. It's important to still be responsible; you can't just go quit your job. You just need to open yourself up to meeting the right people, being in the right places, learning the right things so you can combine all of your skills and start living your dream and attracting money. You'll need to learn to speak positively about your experience with money instead of negatively about not having enough money. There's a difference between trying to attract money and being desperate. Desperation will bring more desperation instead of abundance. You have to believe that it's going to work, and more importantly that it is already working for you. You may totally have to change how you think. You might have to raise prices for your work and change your clientele. There is always a trade off when you change your lifestyle but envision your entire life complete and happy.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne was a book and DVD sensation that was on Oprah a few years ago. It was all about the law of attraction. Critics scoffed at it or said that it didn't work. Really, if you give it a try all that you really risk is that you became happier and more positive. Well that and the cost of a library card. The Secret does advocate feeling and acting rich to change your mindset from one of poverty. Personally, I think that you'll need to separate money from happiness. Some people who win the lottery lose the money again just as quickly because they haven't developed a sense of how to deal with that kind of money. They might even feel guilty about having lots of money because it separates them from the social class they have identified with their whole life and changes the dynamic with their family and friends. We're often told that money is the root of all evil or that we shouldn't be greedy. In order to attract money you'll need to remove all negative connotations and feelings that you have from money.

The part that was really left out of The Secret was the work. Yes, you can just attract money, but if you just sit waiting for it, you may never get it. If only attracting money was that easy. Even when you finally get money you'll have to work at keeping it or hire an accountant. Positive thinking can help you learn to love your work and spend your ideas of the possible ways to make money.

The law of attraction will bring up ideas and motivation that maybe you've never had before. It's up to you to write that best selling novel or really fight for that promotion at work. You have to act upon it. Sure, you could win the lottery but it never hurts to have a back up plan. If you work in an environment where you have a salary or are paid hourly you may need to start your own side business online. You'll need to move into something with unlimited potential so you can have a constant stream of money. You might even find yourself working more than you ever have before. If you have a brilliant idea, write it down and act on it. Make the impossible possible.

The secret of how to attract money is perseverance. Even if you wake up tomorrow or next month and you're still in the same financial situation that you're in right now, you need to keep going. If the law of attraction doesn't seem like its working decide that you are going to make it work. You need to recognize and celebrate every little accomplishment that you come across. Gratitude will help you feel positive and stay on track because you'll realize that you are attracting money, even if it's just a few cents at first.