Zodiac Twins SignGemini are among the most intelligent, interesting, and vital of the signs. They are also known to be good conversationalists, and highly charming. All of these things make them very attractive to the opposite sex, and easy to become enamored with. This guide will help you make sure that the Gemini you have fallen for falls for you also. However, be careful because Gemini can also be flighty, emotionally detached, and superficial.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Make Them Think. Gemini are often highly intelligent. They spend all of their time observing and analyzing everything around them and live mostly in their heads. So if you want to attract a Gemini you absolutely must stimulate their intellect. They love conversation, but don't care much for small talk. Cut right to substantive matters and don't be afraid of a little friendly debate. If you fail to interest them, or if you cannot keep up with them intellectually, you are likely to lose their interest, or worse become the victim of their cunning. If you can stimulate a Gemini by teaching them something, or making them think you are well on your way capturing their elusive interest.

Step 2

Give Them Space. Gemini are by nature very independent people. This does not mean that they do not care about other people, it just means that they refuse to be pinned down by other people's expectations. If you make a Gemini feel trapped, or try to make them commit to a routine, they will run for the hills. Gemini are not unfaithful by nature, you just have to understand that their will be times when they ignore you to pursue other interests and goals. If you give them their space they will always come back to you, and they will love you all the more for the time they spent away.

Step 3

Keep it Interesting. Boredom is the ultimate enemy of Gemini. Gemini need constant change and stimulation, or they get restless. If you are involved with a Gemini, be prepared to meet lots of people and do lots of new and different things. Gemini love spontaneity and you can impress them by introducing them to new people and activities.

Step 4

Avoid Overt Romance. Gemini are very slow to give their trust, for this reason any relationship with them will seem unusually casual. Don't expect outward signs of romance right away with a Gemini, they are likely to treat you more like a friend than a lover, especially in public. Similarly, don't burden them with too much emotional baggage. Gemini hate drama, and will feel trapped by heavy emotional matters. While they may not be the best shoulder to cry on, they are a great source for advice. Their intellect, and curiosity makes them good problem solvers, and asking them how to deal with a situation is sure to yield positive results.

Step 5

Let Them be Alone. As social as Gemini are, they still desperately need time to be alone. This time allows them to rest and gather their thoughts before they are off in yet another direction. Do not expect them to spend every waking moment with you. Respect their need for occasional solitude.

Step 6

Be Upfront. Gemini love honesty, do not beat around the bush, or hint vaguely at things. Their frankness may seem brutal at times, but they mean well, and if you are open and honest with them you will eventually gain their hard-earned trust.
If you follow these steps you should be on your way to getting your Gemini. At the very least, the curious Gemini will be eager to get to know you and find out what you have to teach. In the end you may decide that the Gemini is too fickle and exhausting to pursue, but you will still probably come away with a great friend.

Tips & Warnings

-Stay casual, and have fun. Gemini are sure to bring you many good times.
-Keep an open mind. Gemini are born experimenters, and love things that are new and different.
-Get ready to take some criticism. Gemini are frank, and say what they mean.
-Don't be surprised when you don't hear from them for a while.
-If you crave stability and routine, a Gemini might not be right for you.