If you have always dreamed about becoming an American Idol you do not have to wait for the television show to audition. Disney's Hollywood Studio can make your American Idol dream come true. Follow along as your 'wish upon a star' changes to 'wish I was a star'.

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How To Audition For The American Idol Experience®

•All Guests, 14 years of age or older, admitted to Disney's Hollywood Studios™ Park are eligible to audition.
•The audition openings are limited and are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Participants will receive an 'Audition Call Time Ticket'.
•Your initial song will be in front of the Studio's representatives to determine who will be invited to perform at the daily show.
•The second phase of the audition is to sing in front of another Hollywood Studio's representative, the same day, with a pre-recorded sound track.
•There are a limited number of singers selected to sing onstage, that day, in front of a live 'The American Idol Experience' audience.

The American Idol Experience® Preliminary Shows

•There will be several preliminary live stage shows throughout the day you auditioned.
•You will sing a song of your choice in front of a live audience.
•There will be a Host and judges who will interact with the singers.
•Each member of the audience will vote for one show singer based on song presentation and stage presence.
•Each preliminary show singer, who generated the largest number of votes (show winner), will be asked to sing in the finale show that same day.

The Finale Show For The American Idol Experience®

•Each preliminary show winner will participate in the final show each day by singing the same song they performed during the audition and preliminary show.
•The finale show will be in front of a live audience of 1,000 (stadium capacity) accompanied by a Host and Judges.
•After all signers have performed each live audience will cast one vote, via the keypad at each seat, for the singer they felt gave the best performance.
•The singer with the most votes has the opportunity to receive the 'Dream Ticket' for that day.

The American Idol Experience® 'Dream Ticket'

•The Dream Ticket provides you the opportunity to audition in the initial rounds of the American Idol®* television series auditions.
•The Dream Ticket allows you to schedule, in advance, for the American Idol® auditions and be escorted to the front of the line to audition.
•The Dream Ticket will allow you to participate one time only.


  • Your trip to Disney World, Florida may lead you to the performing stage of The American Idol Experience. All those with good voices and stage presence may find themselves going to audition for the American Idol® television series auditions. The American Idol Experience is a live and interactive attraction at Disney World.
  • AMERICAN IDOL® is a registered trademark of 19 TV Ltd. And Fremantle Media North America, Inc