The holiday season generally have the busiest shopping days because many retailers are offering big discounts and huge sales in hopes of getting rid of their products off the shelves. If you plan spending more on holiday shopping, save some of your money by waiting for the best deals that will come before, during and after the holiday season.

Most people are hesitant to spend more nowadays because of the recent economic crisis that is why a lot of stores have created big discounts, top deals and huge sales just to make consumers get off the couch and go out shopping. These stores are also offering seventy 70 or up eighty 80 percent off online in order to get consumers' attention and encourage them in spending on their holiday shopping. 

Some people have this idea to shop after Christmas to enjoy the best deals because in this way they can get good discounts and save it for the following year. There are many consumers who are looking for big discounts on electronics, cell phones and televisions that is why they want to wait for the huge sales in order to save. People are inclined to spend more money for the reason that there are great deals in-stores and online these days.



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      Shop on special days where retailers are offering big discounts and huge sales before, during and after the holiday season. There are retailers that will send free fliers and leaflets to their customers with discount coupons attached in them with the validity dates so all you have to do is cut them out when you go to the store or take note of the good discount if you want to shop online by simply entering the promo code during checkout to receive it. 

      There are some retailers who limit their sales to certain days while others has been offering savings events that will only last for just a few hours so if you want to avail of these promos then you also need to be updated.

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      Register for an account in stores online or offline that you usually shop so that you can avail of their extra savings. These stores will usually offer twenty-five up to eighty-five (25%-85%) off along with an extra fifteen (15%) percent off when you use your membership card on their selection of sale and clearance purchases. 

      Some stores offer reward programs like free services, free shipping, easy-return policy so that you can save time or gas and among other things to their card holders especially before, during and after the holiday season.

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      Watch for advertisements on television or research online for big discounts and huge sales. Most of the popular stores will generally give large percentage discounts from seventy (70) up to eighty (80) percent off plus their "buy one get one" promo offers. 

      They will usually offer the second item at a very cheap price that may even cost only up to cents if the first was bought at regular price. Look for a promotional retailer store that is concentrated on simplifying and displaying their prices clearly to the customers so that shopping may become easier and enjoyable for you.

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      Search for the a particular item that you want to buy. Type the words "sales and discounts" before the name of the product in the search engine so that you can choose for the best deals. You can also look this particular item in different search engines so that you can compare and see it more in various sites that are offering the biggest discounts therefore making you spend less by the time that you'll decide to purchase it.

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      Avail of the websites, credit and debit card companies as well as banks that offer a cash back program. Generally, you need to become a member first if you want to take advantage of the cash back benefits. Some web sites earn commissions on purchases that you make through popular cash back stores. 

      When these web sites get paid, they also share part of their commission to you. They believe that the more they share with their commission, then the more profit they can gain from their customers. Usually, these web sites offer free memberships if you want to participate in their cash back program. 

      They generally partner with most of the consumers' favorite merchants to establish cash back stores. When you sign into your account as a member, they can track what you earn through their cash back program or stores. Not only you can earn cash back but also any special offer or coupon as well as their top deal when you shop to their merchant's site. 

      So the more you buy, the more you earn. With banks and credit card companies, they usually offer different products from checking and money market accounts to credit cards and every time you purchase something using your credit or debit card, you can earn from their cash back program

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to receive your cash back balance, web sites will usually pay you via check or Paypal generally with the minimum account balance of ten ($10) dollars. Most of these legitimate web sites process their cash back payments weekly. The nice thing about cash backs from these reliable sites is that these funds are just extra coming from the things that you purchased from them.

  • There are many big retailers offering free holiday shipping online at any price so that you can spend more time with your close friends and loved ones and don't have to waste gas and deal with mall crowds.

    Banks even give cash backs too. One cash back offers is for people with excellent credit history. This means that you should have no bankruptcy and seriously delinquent accounts in order to earn the funds. For example, a $100 Bonus Cash Back after you make $450 in purchases in a few months. 

    Some banks offer 15% more cash back when you shop on over 300 retailers and there is no annual fee. They may also give you additional 5% precent cash back in a few months such as for your groceries, gas, dining, etc. Other banks will give additional 10% Cash Back when you shop online at select merchants. You also need to check whether they offer no annual fee and the cash back rewards will never expire.