George Bernard Shaw it was who said “Our first duty in life is not to be poor”. True. To live the kind of life you desire you need to have money. You need money to feed. You need money to cloth yourself. You need money to provide an abode to live in. You need money to take care of your family. You need money to send your children to school. You need money to run your business. You need money for virtually everything. It is therefore absolutely necessary for us as human beings to avert poverty. In point of fact it is a task that has to be accomplished. Granted that we need money to do most things, a large proportion of the world’s population still live below the poverty level. They find it difficult to meet their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. What therefore are those things that the small affluent population of the world are doing to create wealth that the large majority of the poor and those struggling are not doing? What should you do to create wealth in a world filled with inequitable distribution of resources?

1.    Wealth Creation is a thing of the mind:

Creating wealth is thing of the mind. This is one fact most people fail to realize. If you think you are poor, chances are that you will be poor. If you think you are rich you will be rich even if you are not presently. Whatever you think you are in your mind you will surely be. The large proportion of the world’s population that are poor have the mind set of being poor therefore they have consigned themselves to the fate of being poor. This however need not be so. Even if you are poor but you keep telling your mind that you are not, you will find a way to create wealth. The story was told about a particular ancient city where the poor who were in the majority complained to their King about the exploitation of the few affluent ones amongst them. The King asked them for the solution to the problem. They said they wanted the wealth of the few rich ones amongst them redistributed equally amongst all the citizens. The King agreed and this was done. Within a period of one year most of the citizens who were poor were back in their former poor states while the rich and affluent amongst them became richer. What is therefore the reason for this? The rich were the ones that know how to invest and make money. They were the only ones who know how to turn lemon into millions. Therefore wealth creation was always in their mind.

2.    Definiteness of purpose:

This is the most potent tool for wealth creation. It is your purpose in life that will dictate what your passion is. You need to be absolutely sure about where you are going. That is how you will find where your true life is.  You must define what drives you and motivates you. This is the only way you can define who you are and the truth about yourself. The only powerful truth that can help you realize your freedom in life is the truth about yourself. Your financial breakthrough is therefore tied to discovering your uniqueness and this can be done by knowing who you are and how you want to live your life. This is how you discover your passion.  To do this, you will have to look for clues in whatever makes you happy. What gets you excited? In your answer to this question you will discover where you can be of most service. You cannot live your true life however if you are not serving people and you cannot serve people well enough if you are not excited about what you are doing. Do you love writing? Then write if that is what excites you. Write articles. Write novels. Disseminate knowledge by writing if it makes you happy. That is the only way you can live your true life.

 3.    To create wealth you must provide service:

Deepak Chopra it was who said “Money is life’s energy that we exchange and use as a result of the service we provide to the universe”. Averting poverty and creation of wealth comes from provision of service. A medical doctor serves his patients and receives money in exchange for his service. Whatever profession you are in you will need to trade your service in exchange for money. Unexpectedly large amount of money will however come from provision of unexpectedly large amount of service. To be rich, you need to learn how to get your service to unexpected amount of clients. You see, it is the unexpected service that gets talked about and it is when it is talked about that your professional value is increased. Financial abundance is tied to your willingness and passion about what you are doing to make money. Put in another way, money flows in the direction of your energy. It flows in the direction of where you focus your energy. Therefore you need to identify those things you do that releases your passion and do them on a continuous basis to create wealth.

4.    The key to wealth creation is to be more valuable:

If you are not valuable to the people you profess to serve, they will not patronize you. To be more valuable, you need to increase the quality of life of the people you serve. If we can find a way to help those we serve to do more with less we are empowering them and consequently we will be more valuable to them. Once we empower them, we will be empowered economically too as long as we put ourselves in a position to provide valuable service to them.

To increase our income therefore we should constantly and regularly ask this core question “How can I increase the value of what I do by ten to fifteen times?” If you do this regularly, in most cases you will experience no trouble increasing your income and consequently create more wealth.

5.    Distribution of your service:

You need to realize that it is not only value creation that brings about wealth creation. You should also endeavor to make sure that more and more people experience an increase in the quality of life you are professing. The more the people that experience it, the more your income and the more the wealth you will make. You need to distribute your service to more and more people.

According to Napoleon Hill “Poverty is no disgrace, but it is certainly not a recommendation”. If that is so therefore, you can only avert poverty and create more wealth by following the strategies listed above. God has designed for us to be blessed while doing what we enjoy doing most. You should therefore find out the area you know you cannot fail and stay in it. This is the area where you can stand with confidence and consequently increase your income and create wealth. These strategies when married with faith will certainly bring you the wealth you desire.