Teachers play a very important role in fostering the intellectual, emotional and social development of students in schools. The education that teachers had taken gives them the vital role in helping the future of their students so they should "respect themselves first" in order to be respected.

Whether teachers are in private or public schools, they should provide a safe environment for their students so that they become responsible adults in our society. The school is the best place for learning but unfortunately a few authority figures whom parents trust their children to be with sometimes abuse their power so it is important to be observant of the teachers in our schools.

Moderately Easy


    • 1

      When a teacher says that he or she will meet you outside for a movie to watch or want to have a snack after school then you should say that your parents expect you to be at home after class.

    • 2

      If your teacher opens a topic that you feel you are not comfortable with especially about sexual things like private parts of the body and sexual acts then immediately excuse yourself, go out of the room and tell your parents when you get home.

    • 3

      Never wear a very sexy or provocative clothing when you go to school. Better use the school uniform if you have an option to choose to.

    • 4

      Do not go to your teacher's apartments or houses even if you are invited to go, unless it is for an official activity together with other classmates and it is also authorized by the school.

    • 5

      Never give any impression as if you are flirting with any of your teacher. You may think that you are just being friendly and nice towards him or her but it might be understood as the opposite. It might be misinterpreted by your teacher that you have a crush on him or her so better avoid this kind of situation.

    • 6

      Do not give any personalized gift to your teacher even if it's his or her birthday. It would be good if the whole class will contribute and give a gift representing as a group.

    • 7

      When your teacher says you can take a ride with him or her because your home is just near from his apartment then just say thank you for the offer because your parent will come and give you a ride back home. If she or he insists then just say "thanks" because your parent expects you to wait at school.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are a few teachers who "easily" get bored, tired and lonely since most of the time they are isolated from their colleagues at work but this is not a reason to exhibit improper behavior. So if you suspect that a teacher makes unexpected comments about your body, tells green or sexual jokes, touches you inappropriately, or shares pornographic materials like magazines or videos to you or to any of your classmates then you should report his or her actions immediately to someone whom you trust and of authority and tell your parents as well.

  • Do not be fearful about your grades if you know that your teacher is doing the wrong things. Be aware that not all people in authority have good moral values and character so do not be afraid to report of anyone of them if they really commit bad and inappropriate behavior. Try to acquire evidence or have a witness/witnesses prior to reporting.