Stay Bedbug Free in Hotels or At Home With These Simple Tips

To the horror of homeowners and renters alike, bedbugs are back after having been eradicated during the last century. Bedbugs are a quiet menace. They slip into homes attached to luggage, furniture, sheets, and clothing. Once there, they silently begin to multiply, and they burrow in for an extended stay. Worse, these are parasites, like fleas and ticks. They will greedily bite humans and other animals, causing painful red bumps and rashes.

Luckily, bedbugs are not difficult to identify if one knows their telltale signs. They are tiny pests, able to live inside small nooks and crevices. But like bad guests, they can be uncovered by the clues they leave behind. The most visible calling card is excrement. Bedbugs shed their waste everywhere in the form of tiny brown dots that stain bedding and other fabrics housing them. They are most attracted to cotton, wood, and other pliable materials that are soft and close to their dull brown color.

Bedbugs also have several favorite nesting points inside our homes. Chair cushions, wooden furniture, and fabric seams are all common hiding places. These should be thoroughly checked to see if bedbugs are there. An LED light is an excellent tool to make sure nothing is being missed. A pocket magnifying glass is useful too.

While traveling, quick preventatives measures can save you from picking up concealed invaders. It's critical to examine your surroundings, since this is how bedbugs usually slip into your home. Always scan fabric seams, headboards, and drawers in hotel rooms to make sure there are no bedbugs hidden away. Looking for their excrement, eggs, or the small brown insects themselves is the best way to quickly verify the presence of bedbugs. Going through your own suitcases before going home should be a last line of defense.

If you are unfortunate enough to get an infestation, there are a variety of ways to attack the problem - and not all of them are expensive. Alcohol is a silver bullet against these miniature vampires. For best results, spray rubbing alcohol anywhere you see the bugs or their eggs. If that doesn't work, call an exterminator as quickly as possible. Their services are often much cheaper for localized infestations. Don't wait for the problem to get out of hand, or it will be more costly and could require multiple treatments to eradicate the pests. Delay is a sure way to wrack up heavy pest control and medical bills.

Prevention is the best guard against these unseen critters. A little caution and alertness can save you time, money, and keep your home a sane and healthy place, free from this growing threat.