Are you a type of person who couldn’t just stop talking? And every time you drive yourself in to, never it occurs to you to be a little bit careful in case you might say something that isn’t supposed to be heard by anyone. Such mistakes can be quite unavoidable even though you might be a type of person that only talks when it’s the right time regardless. 

Circumstances like prattling about something that’s ought to be a joke can sometimes turn into an agonizing situation with them saying, “seriously, you actually did that?” Now you’ve just got yourself being right on the spot and there you are starting to stammer, trying your best to make up a good explanation prior to their uncalled misunderstanding.

Listed are some of the good points to consider: 

  1. Self-restraint. Pull yourself together. Don’t get a little too jumpy and blurt out stories that might turn out to have such ambiguous meanings. Think hard whether what you’re about to say is quite appropriate to your listeners. When it’s too late for you to realize that you’re doing so, redirect the subject as hard as you can
  2. Laugh it out. Well if you’re just trying to pull a joke about something then relax. Nobody’s going to kill you for committing such errors. Well if you’re just trying to kid about something, then there’s really nothing more to it anyway.  
  3. Choose the right people for the right topic. There’s a huge difference between talking to a priest and talking to an old pal--- where you can both exchange offensive words without having any much trouble afterwards and just laugh about it since you guys are old friends. I personally don’t think that anyone could be stupid enough to do a similar approach to a priest. My point is, just try your best to be tactful.
  4. Stay on the ground. Don’t try to sound like you know what you’re blabbering about when you actually don’t. Well if you’re lucky enough to have more than an average IQ and can easily comprehend to any sorts of things and can string out the right words accordingly in an instant through sheer listening, then you got nothing to worry about. Well of course if you are.
  5. If you find the rest of it hard to follow, then it’s best that you shut up. Like the Chinese say, “Big talk, big problem ~ small talk, small problem ~ no talk, no problem.”