Elderly driving can cause car accidents because when people get old, they will start to feel the negative effects of aging like slower reflexes, bad vision, and muscle problems. Because of these effects, they are more often involved in accidents compared to younger drivers.

If you are at least 60-years-old, you should always look out for the different signs of aging. Once they start to appear, it is advisable for you to stop driving because failure to do so can lead to an accident.

Here are the following signs which indicate that your driving abilities are already impaired:

  • Easily becoming stressed, frustrated, tense, or angry while you are driving
  • Receiving many traffic warnings and tickets for different violations
  • Asking your passengers to read traffic signs

If you have encountered or experienced one of these signs, you should try to determine if you are still fit to drive. Some elderly drivers choose to stop driving when it happens while others do not.

Seniors can still be good drivers if they take advantage of different services and programs which can help them accomplish this goal. Here are tips that can make driving a safe activity for the elderly:

  • Be aware of your license limitation- Many states provide restricted license to older drivers. It may prohibit you from:
    1. Driving on the freeways
    2. Driving at night or during rush hour

      Meanwhile, it may also require you to:

      • Wear "bioptic telescopic lenses" ( a device that can help seniors see clearly)
      • Use support devices that will enable you to sit properly inside the vehicle
      • Take a driver refresher course- A trained instructor will enable you to drive safely by helping you review traffic rules and give you tips on how you can spare yourself from car accidents.

        These tips may be effective for some, but cannot be applied to all others. If you believe that they will not work for you, the only thing that you can do is to accept that it is time to give up your license. Here are other means of transportation that you can use when you are no longer fit to drive:

        • Shuttles
        • Buses
        • Taxi cabs
        • Trains

        You should not continue driving if you do not have the required skills for it because you may be sued if your actions caused a car accident. In order to know your legal obligations to the victim, do not hesitate to consult a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.