If you spend a lot of time typing, it is important that you know how to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The disorder is found in both men and women, but women are more commonly afflicted by it. Take the precautions necessary to prevent this from happening to you. You can find some great products to help prevent the disorder at websites like Quill and OfficeMax, and below are some helpful tips to protect you from the discomfort and pain:


Your workspace is very important, and should be set up correctly. Use adjustable computer screens and find a keyboard that offers the least amount of strain on your hands and wrists. Your keyboard should be positioned at elbow level, and your hands, wrists and forearms should be in a straight line that is parallel to the floor while typing. Be aware of how you are typing, train yourself to sit properly, and learn the most comfortable ways to position your hands and wrists as you type. If you have the right equipment in your workspace, it will make it easier to sit and type correctly, so a small investment in some of the right tools can save you thousands on an unneeded surgery.


You can use wrist pads, wrist braces or guards, and ergonomic chairs and pillows to help reduce strain on your body as you type. The wrist guards and pads are designed to relieve stress from your wrists by raising them to the level of your keyboard as you type. Keyboards are offered that feature a split typing pad to allow your wrists to sit comfortably and relieve strain and pressure, these are great for people who type for long periods throughout the day. By using the correct equipment, you can greatly reduce your risk for carpal tunnel system. The surgery to repair the disorder can be costly and painful, and can take weeks to heal, so proper merchandise is a solid investment to make.

Exercise and Take Breaks

You should exercise before and after your work session. Stretch your arms and fingers, and take plenty of breaks during your day. When you feel like you are getting tired or you feel strain on your wrists or hands, remove them from the keyboard, let them hang loosely to your side and give them a good shake to get blood circulating again. Never push yourself to the point of being uncomfortable while you work; take breaks as much as needed, even if it is just a minute to take your hands off the keyboard. Sit up straight while you work to avoid slouching, which leads to improper positioning of your hands on the keyboard and creates strain on the wrists. Just a few minutes away from the keyboard can do a world of good to your wrists and hands. Drink plenty of fluids and stay comfortable while you work.