Preventing Eye Problems related to Computers

With Computers as the main tool of processing data, many get themselves glued on to their screen causing major eye problems. These problems can easily lead to blindness if earlier prevention and treat is not sought. There are basic tips that can help you reduce eye problems associated with the computers as discussed below.

Minimize Computer Usage Time
Users should set time to use the machine; this will help with the fatigue associated with over usage of computer that many people often meet. Avoid being glued into the computer screen for more than two hours without a break; this causes your eyes to strain.

Use of Computer Anti Glare

By any event that you cannot do without a computer, it’s advisable to use some anti glare glasses, this prevent direct meet with the computer screen resolutions, they are quite cheap or affordable hence find one from your nearest computer stores. Other places where one can get these anti glare screen are the online shopping portals like Amazon, eBay among others.

Setting Screen Resolution

Screen resolution if not properly set would affect our eyes, those with personal computers or laptop it is necessary to adjust to a comfortable settings that you will not have a problem. To set your computer screen resolutions follow these steps:  Right click on the computer desktop, on the menu that appears click on the properties, and on the property menu tab click on the settings which will display resolution settings limits where you may able to choose the right pixels and color quality then click ok tab and your setting are saved .

Other than that you can also adjust the display settings including the theme settings (A theme as defined on the tab is "a background plus a set of sound, icons, and other elements to help you personalize your computer with one click"). With this you can choose the right setting for your eyes, then adjust the desktop  background, this the default background that you will always find when you switch your computer on, choose one that will not affect your eyes.

A poor selected screen saver can also be a discomfort to the eyes, on the screen saver tab select one that is neither too strong or blunt to the eye, then move to the appearance tab here you will be able to adjust windows and buttons to appear the way you want hence choose something that will not affect your eyes