Holidays and celebrations almost always come with alcohol consumption. It is at this time that we all become vulnerable to motor vehicle accidents involving drunk drivers.

Motorists must never forget that, drunk or not, they will be held liable for accidents they've caused. The compensation for these accidents may cause financial instability and their demeanor can land them in jail. To avoid this, here are some holiday safety tips that drivers should keep in mind:

  • Never drink and drive. The best way to keep you from being arrested for intoxicated driving is to never consume alcohol before driving. It is the simplest yet most neglected advice that can get you out of trouble. Sure, there are tests to prove that your blood alcohol content is within the allowable limit but remember that conductors of these tests are also human and can commit errors that can significantly change the result of the test.
  • Keep a full stomach before drinking. If you cannot resist the temptation, then eat enough to have a full stomach. This will slow down alcohol absorption and so there won't be a sudden increase in your blood alcohol level.
  • Let the effects of alcohol pass. After consuming alcohol, let a couple of hours pass before driving. Don't assume that the effects of alcohol will fade after an hour as our metabolism differs depending on the person's body weight, hydration, and his stomach content.

During the holidays, expect that there will be increased number of checkpoints and patrol officers on the street. They will closely monitor each driver's behavior and pull them over to take a breathalyzer test and determine if they are drunk or not.

These tests will only take a couple of minutes and the patrol officer will know after a little while if they should take you in and file DUI charges for your traffic offense.

Even if you live close to where you consumed the alcohol, it will still be best to let it pass as there is still a chance that a highway patrol will spot your erratic driving.

Never underestimate the effects of alcohol because even good drivers get arrested for DUI as their judgment is clouded and their ability to drive safely is compromised.

Don't let yourself spend the holidays in jail. Be wise and never drink and drive as it endangers your safety as well.

Victims of DUI accidents during holidays in Los Angeles must immediately consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who will assist in determining the amount of compensation that should be sought.