Fast FoodFast food is so convenient that it is really hard to avoid. It also tastes really good, so we tend to have cravings for it too. Everyone knows that it is really unhealthy for you, but it's still hard to stay away. To keep yourself from stopping off at a fast food joint, you have to follow these tips and steps. You also need will power.

Things You'll Need:

*Will power

*Healthy snacks in your bag, in the car, and at work

*A few minutes of planning each day

Step 1

Start by preparing food and snacks for your day instead of just winging it and waiting until you are hungry to figure out what you are going to eat each day. This may seem daunting for a lot of people, but if you really want to avoid stopping off at a fast food joint, you have to do this.

Step 2

You need to stock your purse or bag, your car, and take some healthy snacks to work. Some great ideas for this are bags of peanuts, granola bars, crackers, and raisins. These have to be foods that are portable and packaged so that they won't spoil if you don't eat them right away. The trick here is that if you are out driving around running errands or something and you see a fast food restaurant, you can snack on something you have instead of being tempted to go to the drive through.

Step 3

Plan what you will have for lunch the next day on the night before. It is really hard to stay motivated to make a lunch before rushing out the door in the morning, but if you prepare it the night before, you will be set up for success so you won't have to make that fast food stop. It is really easy to pack up some leftovers from dinner or make a quick sandwich. It is so much healthier too and saves you some money each day.

Step 4

The next tip is to avoid driving by fast food restaurants if it is at all possible. Just seeing one of those places can make your stomach growl, so if you are hungry, take a different route.

Tips & Warnings

Don't completely deprive yourself or you will just want fast food all of the time. Allow yourself to have it every couple of weeks and you just might find that you don't like it as much any more.