Are you worried about gaining weight on Thanksgiving? Now is the time to start preparing for the big holiday dedicated to gorging yourself! Follow these steps to manage your weight this holiday season.

Step 1
Don't buy yourself any junk food or desserts three weeks before Thanksgiving. You know you're going to have amazing homemade foods on Thanksgiving Day. They'll taste even better if you go on a junk-food "fast" beforehand.

Step 2
Freeze extra goodies. If you enjoy cooking this holiday season for family and friends, you may find yourself with tempting leftovers. Freeze them! This way you'll have some to enjoy when the holidays are over and the January hum drums set in. If you're more often the recipient of baked goods and not the cook, you can freeze them in this case too! Just make sure you try a bit right away so you can sincerely thank the cook.

Step 3
Work out a little extra. Adding 10 or 20 minutes per day to your workout will burn a few extra calories. A little boost will help your metabolism.

Step 4
Maintain a healthy diet during mealtimes as well as snack times. Fewer starches and extra veggies will help keep you on track.

Step 5
How to Plan an Easy Traditional Holiday DinnerCredit: Amberdawn 2011On Thanksgiving Day, practice portion control. Unless you're on doctor's orders to the contrary, you should absolutely enjoy your favorite foods on this one day out of the year. However, eating until you're sick does not have to be part of the tradition. Pace yourself. Take smaller portions than you usually do of your favorite stuffing, potatoes and gravy, and pie. Eat slower and enjoy every bite. To avoid over-indulging on higher-calorie options, if you feel hungry fill up on more turkey and vegetables like green beans and squash.  And again, try freezing some of the leftovers for another day when you go home if the host offers you some.

Step 6
By following these steps, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving with less of the guilt and weight gain that usually goes along with it this time of year. Happy Holidays!