We've all been there - your teacher is droning on about who knows what, everyone around you is daydreaming, and the most interesting thing going on is the squirrel eating a nut outside the window. Well, not if you can text! Smartphones nowadays can provide virtually endless amounts of entertainment and information, so why not utilize that during class? Here are some tactics for never getting caught!

General Guidelines

Don’t display any sort of facial reaction to any of your texts. If a teacher sees you staring at your lap and smiling, they’re instantly going to know what you’re doing and call you out on it. Also, remember to put your phone on silent - with vibrate off. This seems obvious, but students forget about it all the time. Plus, a phone’s vibration might seem quiet to you, but it’ll seem loud in the middle of a silent class period.

Method 1: The Sleeve

For this method, you have to be wearing long sleeves (if you don’t want to wear long sleeves every day, just bring a sweater for when you need it). All you have to do is text behind a desk, or books, or anything that can hide your phone from the teacher’s view. Then, when they walk by/behind you in suspicion, quickly slip the phone into your sleeve. Personally, I like to start cleaning my nails after doing this - this makes the teacher believe that that was the source of your focus all along, and helps to reduce further suspicion.

Method 2: The Backpack

This method only works if you just need to send one quick text. All you have to do is pretend you need something from your backpack, then look like you’re rummaging through it while you send the text. It’s quick and easy - just make sure you do it at a time when the teacher is far away from you.

Method 3: The Studier

You can look super studious while texting in one easy step! Just keep a textbook in your lap and text on top of the book - if the teacher comes by, you can just hide it under the next page. This works particularly well if you can prop your knees up on the desk and have the book (and phone) in front of you.