Hair Loss (20908)
Hair Loss

Are you tired of waking up each morning, finding that your pillow is full of hair. Tired of that your first thought is: How to avoid hair loss?

And your second thought that comes after the shower is How to avoid hair loss? when you see all the hair loss you had in the bath.

Hair Loss Might be Influenced by Genetic Factors
Do you know that an estimated 90% of the problems related to hair loss is influenced by genetic factors? And if you do know that, then you might have asked your self the question: How to avoid hair loss if almost half of my family are bald?

But there are other factors than genes. Some of the factors are: What you eat, nutrition, overall health, hormone deficiencies, coloring your hair too much or too often. Even emotional stress has a big impact on you hair loss. And all these factors than can be controlled. This article will draw your attention to some possible solutions. Here are some easy to follow steps to avoid hair loss:

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner
The first step in order to avoid hair loss is to wash your hair regularly in warm water, and to use a good shampoo and a good conditioner. The big question is however, what is a good shampoo or conditioner, because even the good ones are not good for all types of hair. Therefore a very important part of this step is to ask a professional:
Go to a good salon, and I mean a good one and not merely one that has a big budget for advertising. Get a hair treatment, but remember to ask which ingredients there are in the cure product. You should even ask the person who gives you the cure which of the ingredients (natural or synthetic) in the product that he/she believes are the most important for your hair.
After taking notice of the advice, then you use the shampoo and conditioner that contain those specific ingredients for a couple of weeks. During this test period it is important that you do not mix with, or use any other hair products, such as styling products etc. If you are lucky, then you find the right combination for your hair in the first test period.

The second step in how to avoid hair loss is related to vitamins. And I do not mean the smart advertising about how many vitamins there are in a particular shampoo! In my opinion you shouldn't care at all about which vitamins a shampoo is having, because you are not going to drink it anyway.
The vitamins you should concentrate on are the vitamins you eat in a well balanced diet. You must eat sufficient Vitamin B, you might even for a couple of weeks eat Vitamin B pills which have a combination of the many different types of vitamin B.
On the other hand, don't be fooled by someone who claims that many vitamins are always good, because excessive amounts of certain vitamins, such as A and E can cause hair loss. Finally about vitamins, remember that you should not, on a permanent basis, depend on eating vitamin pills. It is OK for a couple of months, but during those months then you should change your eating habits and on a daily basis eat those food products that are rich in the right vitamins. So, eat well in order to avoid hair loss.

Your whole body
A third and really important step is to set the focus of your mind, not only on your hair, but on your whole body. It is obvious to think about the conditions of your nails and skin too, because the chances are that if you have unhealthy hair, then your nails and skin are in bad shape too. The reason for that is that the hair and your nails require the same vitamins, mainly vitamin B. - But you must focus on your complete health and not only the hair and the nails. If you do that, and if you eat healthy and stay healthy, then your hair will be healthy and strong too. And you will avoid hair loss.

The fourth step is to avoid chemicals in your hair. Get professional advice about which hair color products and permanent products that are suitable for your hair, and even when you have found the right product for you, then do not use it more than absolutely needed. Your hair is natural, treat it natural!

The final step is actually to reflect over What is natural?
Because to lose hair is a natural process. Each day we lose 50 to 100 'single hairs'! If you have short light hair, then you might not even notice it on your pillow or in the shower. Whereas it becomes very visible if you have long black hair. So if your hair loss is at this low level, then don't worry too much but continue to treat your hair and yourself in a healthy way. Whereas, if it is much more than this level, then you might want to consult your general physician or dermatologist regarding how to avoid hair loss.