No matter how being careful we are, our cautiousness can inevitably warp sideways away from its normal state for quite a bit, especially when we got too much to drink during a night out with friends.

Finding out next thing in the morning that you just lost something valuable from your side pockets can be such of a nightmare sometimes. It can be a piece of paper with a girl’s number on it, a brand new cell phone or gadget you just bought, car-keys, or could be worse like your apartment keys. Now they just love to slide off from our pockets, don’t they? Though you can crash at your friend’s house for a while or perhaps rent a motel room to spend the night, but who would ever like that to happen when you can just easily avoid it? It sure is easy to say but having an effective mindset towards it won’t hurt that much.

The said circumstances mentioned earlier are quite the usual and particularly common to people who find it hard to always put themselves inside the “mildly drunk” state, and rather prefers to be hammered or have a wondrous journey to tipsyland. Well it entirely depends on how many pints of alcohol you can keep up with without endangering yourself of having a loose memory during the occasion. Now these tips can be quite useful, though slightly common yet at times we fail to remember it. Because normally once we’re inside the Pub we oftentimes keep our focus in having a good time and/or to unwind and put this busy world right behind us.

Try to bring stuff as less plenty as possible. Well it’s utterly up to you on what you wish to bring but just try to avoid bringing stuff that could make your pockets full. If you just came out from work, well you can just leave a couple of unnecessary stuff at the office.           

If you’re attending a some sort of occasion with a less formal environment, (a booze oriented gathering, of course); where you can just wear a T-shirt and a pair jeans/shorts, or anything too casual. Try to wear something that could be worn around your neck with pocket compartments on it, a neck purse. Apparently, some of us habitually put hand-held belongings like cellular phones, keys, etc. over the table.

Given the situation, by the time we get considerably drunk--- sprawled random stuff appears to overwhelm the entire table with all the beer bottles, shot glasses, sanitary tissues, and a whole set of side-dish platters. Anyone could possibly find it difficult to recall what were the stuff placed over the table before it turned into such chaos. Wearing this neck purse may look fashionably unwise for some; but regardless how things may turn into, whether you’re rolling around the floor getting all pissed drunk, transferring from one bar to another looking for some new adventure, your valuables will be just hanging there around your neck the whole time without even noticing it.