I have lived with oily skin for pretty much as long as I can remember. Many people do grow out of it in their 20s or 30s. But unfortnately, some people have oily skin for their whole life.

The problem with oily skin is that it can cause blackheads and pimples. The good news is that you don't have to put up with it, there are many ways to avoid oily skin. This article explores the problem, and explains how to avoid oily skin.

What Causes Oily Skin?

Oily skin can be caused by many things, from hormones to food intake. Environment can have an impact too. If you live in a very busy city, there is a lot of dirt and toxins in the air which can block pores. Stress and health issues can also exacerbate the problem, so make sure you look after yourself and keep stress free.

Hormones are the main cause of oily skin and acne, and this can obviously be much worse in your teenage years when the body is changing due to puberty. The sebacious glands create sebum to stop the hair and skin from drying out.[2] Unfortunately, some people's sebacious glands just create too much, which can lead to blackheads and pimples.

Some people naturally have over-active sebacious glands. Although this can be a problem, there are things you can do to calm it and treat it.

Eat a Healthy Diet!

What you eat can have an impact on your skin. Avoid too much chocolate, or fatty foods if possible. There are certain foods that are good for oily skin, such as nuts and fresh fruit.  However, diet is usially only a minor factor, the main factor is hormones.

Oil Absorbing Sheets

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These oil absorbing sheets remove oil from the surface of the skin, taking away that 'shiny' look and feel. You can use them even when wearing makeup!

Visit your GP for help with your Oily Skin

Sometimes, oily skin can be that bad that it can cause acne and also cause low self esteem.  Acne occurs when the holes in the skin, known as pores or hair follicles, become blocked.[2] If your oily skin is that bad, don't be afraid to visit your general practitioner. As hormones can have a much higher impact on the skin than diet, your doctor may be able to prescribe something to help.

For women, your GP may prescribe a contraceptive pill specifically to help with this problem. The pill can control the hormones and have positive effects on your skin if you find one that suits you. A popular contraceptive that helps with skin problems is Dianette.

If your oily skin ends up giving you severe acne, there is medication that you can take to control it.  Roaccutane is a drug that surpresses the activity of the sebacious glands. It is quite strong and there are some side effects, so it is usually give after all other treatments have been exhausted. [1]


Follow a Good Skincare Routine

It is important to establish a good skincare routine. Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily, morning and night if possible. The cleansing will remove all make up and traces of dirt which can block pores. Toning will then close your pores so that no more dirt can enter, and it will decrease the chances of blackheads. Finally, moisturising will help the skin to stay soft and supply.

Some people believe that oily skin should not be moisturised as it will enhance the problem. How wrong could the be! Oily skin is prone to spots and pimples, and skin that is too dry won't be able to heal itself as easily. You can get three step skincare routines for oily skin these days that are suitable for all budgets.

You should also exfoliate weekly to keep your skin healthy. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Be careful not to exfoliate too often though, as it can be harsh. Also, if you have sensitive or acne prone skin, choose a gentle exfoliator specific for your skin-type.

Low Range Skincare - Clean and Clear

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Johnson's clean and clear is excellent value for the low range budget. Clean and Clear do a full range of cleansers, toners and moisturisers specifically for acne prone skin.

Mid Range Skincare - Clinique 3 Step

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If you can afford to pay a bit more, the Clinique 3 Step for oily and combination skin is amazing. The clinique skincare system is sometimes criticised for being 'harsh', but it is perfect if your skin is oily. If you just want to try it without paying for the full set, you could try the cheaper travel set first, which is just $59.99.

The mild facial wash will remove all dirt, leaving your skin squeeky clean. The toner will close your pores ready for the day or night ahead. The moisturising gel has been especially formulated so that it does not feel heavy and greasy, and it is perfect for wearing underneath make up.

The Clinique range also do a Pore Refiner which works great on clogged pores. Once you have used the three step, use the pore refiner which will reduce the appearance of clogged pores and unsightly blackheads.

Premium Range - Arbonne

Arbonne skincare is my favourite Swiss formulated premium range. It is not tested on animals and is free from parabins.

The calm skincare set is a newly developed range that is fragrance free.  It is developed especially with botanical elements so that it moisturises without blocking pores. This skincare range consists of cleanser, facial serum and moisturiser.  To sign up as an Arbonne client and shop online, you can register on the Arbonne website using ID441112908.

Calm Skincare RangeCredit: Arbonne