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Being successful in business, relationships, hobbies or anything else in life requires a lack of procrastination to get the necessary tasks done. Realize that the longer you procrastinate, the more chores usually add up, making the task even worse. Use these tips to avoid procrastination, improve your productivity and get things done to have the success you desire and dream of in everything you do in business and in life.

I was reminded of these 7 steps to reduce procrastination at a Success Symposium in Dallas and had the pleasure of meeting a few of the speakers such as Darren Hardy, Jim Rohn, Steven Covey, Stedman Graham, John Maxwell to name a few and bought each of their books or CD's for additional motivation. Here's what they all teach:


Things You'll Need:

  • Knowledge

  • Goals

  • Focus

  • Desire

  • Determination

  • Step 1 Have a Goal

  • Decide what you want for success in business by making/creating a goal. Having a goal in mind will assist in determining what tasks need done to reach the goal, no matter how large or small it is. Avoid anything that distracts from starting the tasks that need to be done. If you want the goal bad enough, you will be able to force yourself into doing tasks that will translate into success, slow but sure.

  • Step 2  Prioritize Tasks

  • Prioritize what is are the most important tasks to be done in order to reach the desired goal for your business by creating a list. Keep that list handy where it will be visible first thing in the morning or carry it around with you to help you avoid procrastination in achieving even the smallest goals.

  • Step 3 Create a Vision Board

  • Use a vision board that you make from your list of goals and dreams. Use words/photos/images and keep your vision board in your office or whatever work space you use where you can see it daily as a motivator. Refer to it often to help you stay on track to completing tasks.

Once the list of tasks is completed, decide to start now on the first item that needs to be done. Before going to bed, visualize the goal having already been achieved and try to feel how it feels to already have it. Start with a small goal so that success can be achieved in one day and it will make you feel good about yourself for completing something and it will motivate you for the next task.

Step 4 Stay focused

Stay focused on what needs done to reach the goal and take each task one step at a time until it is completed. Keep focused and visualize the end result as though it has already happened while beginning on the first task on that to-do list. Continue to avoid distractions that you know will prevent you from completing each step necessary to reach the goal such as the television, radio, computer games or your phone. Only you know how you waste time and only you can make these changes to avoid procrastination.

Step 5 Determination

Keep working on the project at hand to complete the first task needed to complete the end result goal. Have a mindset of determination to succeed and don't let anything get in your way.Taking it one step at a time will make it more easy to achieve each task.

Step 6 Success in small steps

Once one task is done on the to-do list, cross it off the list! Success has already been achieved by completing the first big step. If possible, spend the next few hours working on the next task on the list. If not, start again the next morning with the to-do list. Take small steps to complete each task and congratulate yourself on finishing it.You can have success in business or anything by following these steps to avoid procrastination.

Step 7 Visualize and Work

Keep focused on the goal while working on each small step at a time. Continue to visualize what it will feel like once the goal is achieved. Before you know it, you'll have finished several tasks that will eventually bring you closer to the end result, no matter how large or small it is.

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Tips & Warnings

   Only you can determine your level of success to avoid procrastination

   Start over when you get distracted

   Learn from successful people through books, CD's

   Don't Quit or give up on your dreams of success

  • Good luck!

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