Painting with a roller


Painting anything can quickly become a frustrating and tedious task.  Something that no one looks forward to, it’s just one of those things that need to be done sometimes.  Unless you want to poor money out by hiring professional painters, it looks like you are just going to have to get things done yourself.  Whether the “do it yourself” method is your style in the first place or not, it still helps to read up and learn a trick or two before getting started. 

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When painting any large surface using a roller, it can become fairly frustrating as you look back on your work.  Many people go about the job slapping on the paint in straight lines up and down, and up, and down, until the desired surface is covered.  While this method of painting may save a small amount of time in the short run, there is a much more simple method of applying your paint that will leave your work looking streak free and smooth once it’s finished. 


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Instead of slopping in straight lines, try altering the pattern in which you are applying the paint onto the desired surface.  The simple and easily applied trick to this is applying your paint in a Z or an N pattern.  This varies depending on your personal preferences, but the concept remains the same.  All other steps of the painting process remain the same commons sense practices they once were.    


Save time painting by using this patternCredit: William Sulicz

When rolling the paint onto the surface, make the initial shape an N pattern.  Continue to move along in the desired direction while continuing to make this N pattern over and over again.  Not only will this prevent any long streaks from showing upon drying, but this method works in a way that will apply two quick layers with one passing of the area.  Making this pattern may be a little slower than the straight lines that seem so tempting, but doubling up your layers and avoiding streaks in the first place will save you time and paint overall.


Finished painting the houseCredit: www.housepaintinginc.comi

 The entire interior of this room was painted using the N technique.  Saving paint by not having to add a second layer, this room helps magnify the multiple benefits of applying this simple technique to whatever job you may have at hand. 

  Depending on how much paint you need in order to cover the previous color depends on your current situation and will determine the amount of times you need to apply new paint to the roller.  Just a quick disclaimer FYI. 



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