The Christmas Holiday period is an extremely exciting period for a lot of people, especially Children. Unfortunately the Christian period can also bring out depression in people. The lack of ability to buy gifts and the sadness of losing a loved one often come out in full force during the Holiday period. Depression is often at its highest in individuals during the Holiday periods. If you are stressed out by Christmas then here are some things you can do.

Remember the True Spirit of Christmas


We often get stressed out buying Christmas gifts. Modern marketing has led us to believe that we must purchase the latest and most expensive electronic gadgets for your loved ones if we want to make them happy. Instead of stressing out over gift buying take the time to hand make some simpler gifts that will be appreciated by your family. Maybe your kids will not actually appreciate the photo album of you and their mother until they are older; however if you put in all of the pictures of you and their mom looking super-dorky then I am sure they will laugh and enjoy it. There is no doubt that when they get older they will begin to cherish this simple memento you made them with pictures of you and your spouse.

Help Others in Need

Become a Secret Santa. By becoming a Secret Santa you can help yourself to feel better because you are helping someone else who may be struggling. It feels good to buy a nice winter coat for a child and then to secretly give it to them.


It is important that we act more “Christ Like” and be nice to people. It can be extremely stressful at the mall as people fight to get parking spaces and have to wait in long-lines at times; however we can keep ourselves from becoming irritable then instead of cussing in that long-line you may instead be able to strike up a conversation with a new persons and possible get a new friend for life. It can be hard to be nice to people, especially when they are rude towards us; however if we can focus on the good and ignore the bad it is better for everyone. Christmas is a holiday that should be enjoyed by all regardless of whether you are Christian, Muslim, or an Atheist.