deer tick

Ticks can be quite bothersome while you are out just trying to enjoy nature. Not only is a tick bite painful, but tick bites often transmit diseases-some of them deadly. The steps in this article will help you avoid ticks when hiking, or in the outdoors.

Wear long clothes. Don't expose your skin to the ticks. Long pants, Long sleeve shirts, and a hat will all reduce the amount of vulnerable skin. If you know you are in an area with a lot of ticks, tuck your shirt into your pants and tuck your pant legs into your socks.

Wear Bright Colored Clothing. Bright colored clothing will help you avoid ticks when hiking: a dark colored tick will be much easier to spot crawling on light colored clothing. This increases the chances that you will discover the tick before it even gets close to your skin!

For the areas that can't be covered with long clothing (usually your face, neck, and arms) spray them with bug repellent. Anything with over 40 percent DEET content will help to repel bugs (including ticks). DEET spray is always a good idea when you want to avoid ticks in the outdoors.

Stay on the designated trails. It's a lot easier to find ticks when you venture off into high vegetation areas where ticks are just waiting. You're going to have much better chances to avoid ticks when hiking if you stay on the dirt trails. When you decide to "bush-whack" it and blaze your own trail through plants and shrubs, you make it much more difficult to avoid ticks.

After you are done hiking strip down and check your body. Search all the areas where ticks are prone to hide (hair, under arms, behind knees, etc.) Make sure you don't have any unwelcome company. This goes for pets as well, check your pets and make sure you can't see any ticks on them before you let them in the house.

Last, wash and dry your clothes. Research has shown that ticks can live through a tough washing, so complete the cycle by drying your clothes on high heat. Most ticks will die during a cycle through the dryer. You can't ever be too careful though, so check clothing and any gear you brought home and make sure you thoroughly wash everything. This will be key if you wish to avoid ticks.