Tips to Avoid Sweet Death –Sugar

I dedicate this article for World Diabetes Day: November 14

Research article in Lancet journals shows that someone who eats 12 tablespoons of sugar daily has five times more likely to have a heart attack than someone who eats 6 tablespoons. (The average American eats 14 tablespoons of sugar per day.) This is reason some people call sugar as white death.

For healthy life get the sugar out of your diet. Eating too much sugar can lead to weight gain fSugar Foodsrom too many calories and cause tooth decay. While we do need carbohydrates, we can get them from grains, fruits and vegetables, which provide necessary nutrients as well. People with diabetes must be especially careful about the amount of sugar and other carbohydrates they consume.

We all need to watch our daily sugar use because sugar adds calories to our daily diet without adding nutrients, and it leaves less room for nutritious food. Sugar is everywhere, not just if we add it to our coffee, but also lurking in many prepared foods and, of course, in pop. A 355 mL can of cola has about 10 teaspoons of sugar, for a total of about 160 calories.

Here are Some Tips To Controlling Sugar In Our Diets

  • Avoid purchase of pre-processed meals, instead choosing to make healthy meals that are simpler and require fewer ingredients in the recipe. Try to eat lots of veggies.
  • Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Instead of canned fruit salad in sugary syrup tries to use real fruit. Use unsweetened Soy beverages.
  • Use SPLENDA for a sugar substitute in baking and coffee.
  • Make your own fruit popsicles using fresh fruit pureed and water.
  • Make a lot of smoothies from fresh fruit so they are sweet but healthy and nutritious and they taste great.
  • Avoid buying Cola drinks this way when you are thrsty you will grab fruit jice or water. Try ordering diet drinks in fast food places.
  • For travelling always pack sandwiches, snacks and a cooler of water bottles. This way you do not have to stop at the fast food places tempting the kids to have Cola .
  • Limit the number of sweets and desserts you eat, but don't avoid them altogether. Not eating them brings on more severe cravings.
  • Drink lots of water, add lemon juice or make your own iced tea.
  • Make your own treats and add more fruit & nuts to baking and homemade jams and pies. Use natural sweeteners such as bananas and applesauce to sweeten your baked goods whenever possible. Avoid buying packaged cookies and cake mixes.
  • Tell your kids to drink chocolate milk as a better choice at the fast food restaurant.
  • To save on my sugar intake ask for tons of ice: half ice and half pop.
  • Check labels for sugar content when purchasing food products to make sure sugar content is low.
  • Drink only water and milk, which easily cuts down on our sugar consumption.
  • Eat the actual fruit instead of reaching for the juice. By doing so, you increased your fibre intake as well.
  • Reducing sugar intake is a matter of not only reading product labels (looking for culprits besides plain sugar like fructose-glucose, etc.) but also simply not adding additional sugar to your diet: like one cube in the tea pot instead of per cup.
  • For diabetic, limit your breads, pastas any desserts except fresh fruit. Read labels for sugar content and even avoid carrots as they have hidden sugar contents.
  • Daily exercise also helps balancing sugar intake to maintain healthy mind and body.

Lastly How to Trick Your Sweet tooth

- Fill up your belly with nutritious foods before you dig in to a cake/sweet. On a full belly, you're less likely to overdo it with a higher-calorie sweet treat.

- Practice bite-sized portion control. Eat tiniest of bites to outwit a sweet craving.

- Replace white or brown sugar for no-calorie SPLENDA or vanilla extract, which, teaspoon for teaspoon, contains fewer calories than sugar.

- Switch from sugar to something sweeter – like honey. Even though honey is higher in calories, it tastes so sweet that you'll need to add much less of it to recipes or to your cup of tea or bowl of oatmeal.

- Strike a balance between good-for-you and sinfully sweet by selecting treats that feature nutritious ingredients, like nuts, seeds or fruit