Millions of people would like to earn a decent income with minimal effort while staying at home. With the advent of World Wide Web, business opportunities and home based jobs are increasing daily. Although thousands of legitimate companies offer genuine work at home jobs to people, there are also a multitude of scammers out there.

Because a work at home job is very attractive, fake job offers are also prevalent on the internet. A few of the more common work at home scams are detectable.

Work at home scams come in many forms. Almost all of these bogus companies do not assure regular compensation for the home based workers. They don't tell you how many hours you will need to work without salary. Others will require you to spend money on instruction manuals prior to getting the job. Some companies demand paid training. Therefore, thousands of dollars and as well as valuable time are literally robbed from victims of work at home scams.

To avoid becoming being duped by work at home scammers, you need to inspect the company prior to accepting any job. Legitimate companies furnish all the information in writing. Here is a list of tips to avoid being victimized by work at home scams:

1. Avoid giving your personal information to an unknown individual or company. Confirm first if the company is legitimate before you provide your personal information.

2. You may verify the legitimacy of the company by searching its name of the in the search box of the Better Business Bureau. Avoid contact with a company if there is a complaint filed complaint against it.

3. Remember, there is no easy road to prosperity. Any job would require some effort in order to earn good money. Therefore, you must beware of companies that promise to make you wealthy overnight. No such thing exists.

Reshipping fraud is one of the common work at home scams. This type of job requires the home based worker to receive, repack then mail the product or goods to a foreign address. They are promised an attractive sum of money. What the worker may not know is that the merchandise was paid for using stolen credit cards.

The unsupecting home based worker would therefore become an accessory to the crime by receiving and mailing the stolen goods. The worker receives the goods, repackages with their own money and resources and then promised to be repaid. When pay day comes, the worst thing happens!

They are then informed that, they will be payed via cashier's check, but strangely it's for more than what is owed. The worker will be told to deposit the check and send the remainder to the employer's offshore bank account. Sooner or later, the cashier's check bounces which leaves the worker owing their bank the total amount of the check.

If you would like to find a legitimate work at home job, do not accept whatever job offer that promises to pay high salary for a part time job. Many companies promise get-rich-quick schemes. Remember that only hard and honest work plus dedication and commitment can help you earn a substantial income from home.

If you are beings asked to buy start up kits, then do not, in any way risk your money on such companies. Legitimate companies will not charge anything to hire you. If you are unsure about the authenticity of a company, you may ask for references.

If the company is unwilling to furnish references, then you must beware!