Silver is notorious for tarnishing easily, but this actually only occurs if you do not properly care for your silver. A silver tea set is fairly easy to take care of, as the pieces are usually fairly large and easy to clean. One of the first things to do with any silver tea sets or silver tea accessories is to make sure that they are stored properly and polished regularly.

Many people like to set their solid silver tea set out on display. One thing to remember is that the more exposure your tea set has to air and moisture in the air, as well as dust, the faster it will tarnish. For this reason it may be better to keep your tea set in an air tight location will preserve it much better. This may not be practical for most people, but what you can do instead is at least store it in a cabinet, along with your best. If you have a cabinet with glass doors you can still display your tea set on the shelves of the cabinet, yet keep it relatively free from dust.

Even if you have your tea set safely stored behind doors you will still need to take it out and dust it, or polish it on a fairly regular basis. Keeping dust at bay and giving it the occasional shine will help keep tarnish from forming on your silverware. You must use a soft cloth to clean it, never anything harsh or the least abrasive as that will only end up scratching your silver.

In the event that it does become tarnished simply apply some silver polish to a soft damp cloth and rub the affected area gently. Once you have cleaned it with polish, let warm water run over the piece and then dry it off with another clean soft and dry cloth. Do not leave your silverware for too long if you see any spots of tarnish as the sooner you are able to clean it up the easier it will be to keep clean and untarnished.

Do not drop your silver tea set or bang it against anything. While silver does not break, it can become dented or scratched easily, and it will not look nearly as nice with dents or bumps on its surface.

Of course, one of the best ways to keep your silver ware and tea accessories bright and gleaming, without a spot of tarnish, is to use it regularly. Do not just set it aside on display only, but bring it out and use it for serving tea. You will feel great doing so, and you will help to keep your tea ware in good condition.