There's nothing worse than putting hours of sweat and tears into a cake decorating project that doesn't turn out anything like you expected. Even worse is when the project turns out so bad that all you want to do is dump it in the garbage before you let anyone else see it. Yep, been there--done that!

However, even though your cake might not turn out exactly how you expected there still might be a ray of hope. No, I'm not telling you to pick up the phone and call your local bakery! All you need is just a little imagination. Here's a few ideas:

Save what you can, and instead of serving and displaying the cake whole, divide it into pieces. This may require a bit of a diversion if you need to deliver your cake to another site, but slice up the cake into individual pieces and present each piece as its own unique creation and work of art. You can dress up the plates with garnishes such as melted chocolate, cut fruit, mint leaves, or piped frosting. You can make each piece look the same but I prefer to make them each look a little different. The goal here is to get people focused on the individual pieces rather than the overall (messed up looking) cake.

Even if you think your cake is a far cry from the next cover of Martha Stewart's magazine chances are it still tastes good. How about making cake sundaes? You can even let your guests decorate their sundaes with the decorations, frosting and pastry bags you attempted to use on your cake. Just divide up the cake as neatly as possible, place them in little waffle bowls, set out an assortment of cake decorating tips and let your guests have at it. Who knows, you may create some memories that last a lifetime!

If all else fails you can even turn your beloved cake into cake balls. Cake balls are mini desserts that have become quite trendy these days. And lucky for you, the hard work of baking the cake has already been done! All you need to do is crumble the cake, mix it with frosting, roll into balls, and dip into chocolate. The great thing about cake balls is that they don't have to be pretty! In fact, the messier the better!

Not all cake projects turn out exactly how we expect them to. But that doesn't mean we have to throw all that tasty hard work into the garbage. You can still turn that abstract work of cake art into something even more memorable and spectacular!

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