A few months ago, I dropped my iPhone in the hot tub. I didn't notice until I had drained the water out of the tub. So, after trying to turn on the phone and having it die on me, I frantically drove to the iPhone store to get it replaced. Guess what I found out? The warranty did not cover water damage! Yes, I had to pay another $600 to get a new phone since AT&T did not subsidize the second phone.

So, I sat there and talked to the apple geek squad people for 3 hours. One really helpful person told me that she herself had bought 2 new phones after experiencing water damage. I was in shock! Plus, she said it wasn't subsidized either so she paid full price. I couldn't believe it. She then told me all the ways that she had seen the phone get damaged. I wanted to share the list of ways with everyone so people could be aware of possible ways to get water damage on the phone. This way, the same thing won't happen to you.

1. Crying - Yes, many people cry while talking on the phone. Whether you are breaking up with your boyfriend or have just heard some bad news, crying will happen. Talking on the iPhone and crying will happen to. But, try not to do this, or try and use your head set because crying can cause water to get on the phone and your phone could break because of this. The geek squad women told me that many people had experienced this.

2. Rain - For those who live in places with a lot of rain, be careful. If you get too much rain on your phone, it could be damaged and it could shut down. In the rain, try not to use your phone, or go under a safe place when you pull it out to use it. The same thing applies to snow although snow damage was a lot less than rain.

3. Babies - If you have babies or toddlers who like to put things in their mouths, keep your iPhone away from them. The geek squad person told me that some people had brought it in because their babies had put the phone in their mouth and their drool had damaged the phone. That small amount of drool from your baby or someone else's baby could hit the right places and the phone would become damaged.

4. Washing anything - Many people had come in because they had either left the phone in their pockets while doing laundry, dropped the phone in the toilet, accidentally dropped the phone while washing the dishes, or, like me, accidentally dropped the phone in the tub. Although you may like to talk on the phone while washing up or in the bathroom, don't. The phone could be damaged with even 5 seconds in the tub or toilet.

Although you may not think this will happen to you, just be careful because there have been other freak accidents that have occurred that have damaged plenty of iPhones. Apple has now changed their warranty policy and you can get a new phone for a discount if there is water damage, but you will still have to pay at least half the cost. iPhone water damage is not a pretty picture so back up your phone frequently and be careful in the above situations.