If you are going to Disney World during a busy time of year, and nowadays that's most of the year, you want to find a way to avoid some of the long waits on Disney attractions. Here's some of my best tips on how to avoid the lines at Walt Disney World.

Avoid the Extra Magic Hours

For Disney resort guests, each day one of the parks opens an hour early or stays open an hour later just for resort guests. This seems like it would be a great time to go to the parks if you happen to be staying at the resorts. Problem is, everyone else thinks so too.

Whichever park is hosting early morning hours will be at its most crowded on those mornings. This goes ditto for the park that stays open an hour later, except the biggest crowds will usually develop in the late afternoon. So if you aren't staying at the resort, the best tip is to avoid that park entirely that day, especially at the park hosting Evening Magic Hours.

Get to the Park Before Park Opening

If you are staying at a Disney resort, the extra magic hours in the morning can be used to avoid lines, but only if you get up and get to the park before they open the gates. The early morning crowds will be at their lightest and you should be able to run in and get on a couple of headliner rides like Space Mountain with less than a 15 minute wait. Once the gates open for all guests, that park is going to be a lot more crowded, so just head out to another park.

This same technique works for parks that aren't hosting extra magic hours and in fact, it may work even better. Just arrive at your park of choice before it opens and be waiting by the gate with the rest of the early birds. When the gate opens, you make the most of this opportunity by hitting the most popular Disney World rides first.

So if you are at Disney's Hollywood Studios, ride Rock 'n Roller Coaster or Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, then immediately do the other one. At Animal Kingdom, head straight to Everest and at Epcot, go to Soarin'. At Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain is probably the best bet for thrill seekers unless you are with young children. In that case, you want to go to Fantasyland and ride Dumbo first, then Peter Pan.

Use Fast Pass

Fast Passes are Disney's method of controlling attraction lines and they are completely free, so be sure to take advantage of them. A Fast Pass is basically like making a reservation to get on a ride. Each fast pass ticket will give you a window to return to an attraction a bit later in the day and you will be able to use the Fast Pass entry to bypass the standby line. For some rides, this means walking straight onto the ride, and for others, it may mean up to a 10-15 minute wait.

The Disney World Fast Pass is available at most of the major attractions and will save you hours of standing on your feet on days when the parks are crowded. So you can be out enjoying the park while you wait for your fast pass time to arrive.