Grilled food is just too good to only enjoy it in your backyard. Learn all you need to know to use a portable grill.

There are very few things better than eating food hot from the grill. One of those things is eating food hot from the grill WHEREVER you want. I love grilling so much I go around with a grill and charcoal in the trunk of my car and I’m betting there are more of you out there like me that would love to do the same but don’t quite know how to do it. There is nothing like that impromptu BBQ and after reading this article you will be able to do it right.

A portable grill (sometimes called a camp grill) usually fit just about anywhere. You may have the trunk of your car full of junk and I guarantee a portable grill will fit although you may have to make some room for the charcoal. The problem is that there may not be that much room for the grilling accessories (to learn more about grilling accessories check out my article about the most important ones). One important grilling accessory you may not have room for is the chimney charcoal starter. This is a tool to help you light the charcoal in an easy and even way. If you are out camping or around a fire this isn’t a problem because you can use the fire to start your charcoal or simply use the coals from the fire to grill your food. If you don’t have a camp fire around you will need to know how to light the charcoal without the chimney charcoal starter.

Here are the steps to lighting that charcoal. First of all DO NOT use lighter fluid. It affects the way your food tastes and you really don’t want to drive around with lighter fluid in the trunk of your car. It is possible to light your charcoal without it.

Fire Basics

Let’s just talk a little bit about fire basics. Fire and heat go up so to light charcoal you have to light something below the charcoal not on top of it. Fire breathes. This is important to understand so you don’t place the charcoal in deep dirt or sand where it can’t breathe.

To light charcoal you need some other materials that light easier. Lighting charcoal with just a match is not easy. (Oh yeah and that charcoal that lights with a match has lighter fluid and will make your food taste bad so beware) The best materials for lighting the charcoal are newspaper and some small sticks. What you will need to do is the roll the newspaper into tight balls and cover those balls with crossing sticks. Then you place the charcoal on top of the sticks. Once you have this set up you light the newspaper. It’s important that: 1. The newspaper is in tight balls so it doesn’t burn too fast and 2. You have enough newspaper to get the charcoal started. This should take about 8 to 15 minutes.

Now for the grill. Most portable grills are pretty much the same and grilling on a portable grill is pretty much the same as the grill in your backyard. There are just a few things to keep in mind. Portable grills usually don’t have walls. Remember that fire breathes and without the walls it breathes a lot so your charcoal will burn faster. Therefore it is important to avoid cuts of meat that take a long time to grill. Also keep safety in mind when placing the grill. You aren’t going to want to start your fire next to where your children are playing. Just use your common sense and remember that while having a BBQ is fun if you aren’t careful it can be very dangerous.

That’s all there is too it. In another article I will teach you HOW to grill which will apply to portable grills too. But do it. Go out and buy a portable grill. They are cheap and fun and make for a great outing.