Common colds and the flu is probably the most common reason why we take days off from work, cancel vacations and spend time in bed; however, there are many simple things that you can do to improve your immune system and battle this illness; the good news is that this simple tips will also make you look better and feel longer


1. Sleep more: although you have heard this many times before; it is important to remind you that a sound sleep will decrease stress levels, reduce obesity problems and increase your immune system.


    2. Eat raw garlic: yes, it will make your breath stink for a while but the many health benefits that eating a clove of raw garlic bring to you, outnumber the bad breath – plus there is always chewing gum – garlic increases the production of the fighting cells in your body and reduces the changes of catching flu.


      3. Chewing gum: this will not only help you to reduce the smell produced by eating the clove of raw garlic, but the main ingredient of chewing gum (xylitol) has the property of battling mouth and ear infections.


        4. Stop smoking: smoking will eventually kill you by accelerating the oxidation process and making you more likely to develop some types of cancers; however, smoking also debilitates your immune system by attacking healthy cells, increasing the chances of catching and developing cold and flu.


          5. Take Echinacea: this herbaceous perennial plant supports the immune system and cut the chances of catching the common cold by almost half as well as decreasing the chances of the flu. It also reduces the time of the cold.


            6. Wash your hands: when you have direct contact with a person with the virus and then you touch your mouth, nose or eyes, there is an increase chance of you catching it; you must wash your hands if you use public transport, get in contact with a sick person or before you start cooking. Also, when someone sneezes near you, there is the possibility of you catching it as well.


              7. Take alfalfa: this supplement is full of vitamins, antioxidants and aminoacids that fight the flu and cold; the antibacterial properties of alfalfa are also ideal to reduce the chances of any illness in general.


                8. Reduce your stress levels: stress is probably the number one reason why many people get the common cold; when you are stress, your immune system reduces the ability to fight any illness, increasing your chances of developing flu. Simple things will help you with stress; have you heard of laughter therapy? Simple but effective.


                  9. Take cold showers: contrast between cold and hot showers – a hot shower causes dilation of the blood vessels, cold showers causes contraction; the combination will stimulate your blood flow and battle colds and flu.


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