Effective Tips on How to Be a Gold Digger

Let's face it ladies - most of you know how to be a gold digger.  You might enjoy the parties he brings you to, have him buy you dinners and gifts, and reap all the benefits of his hard work.  As a guy, I've seen too many of my friends have gold digger girlfriends.   How sad, but hey, at least I know what these women do now that effectively allows them to have a partner that provides for them.  

Are you ready to get your gold dig on?!

Well, read on and implement these tips

1.  Be hot

If you're a hot girl, then you can get away with a lot more since most guys are chumps.  It's sad, but true.  

2. Know what you're willing to put in

If you think you can be a fat, abusive slob and have men provide for your every whim, then you're sadly mistaken(unless the guy has really low self-esteem issues).  What are you willing to put in this relationship to get what you want out of it?  You could do look hot at all times, attend social events, be submissive to his desires, and know what your partner likes.  In order to get something, you have to give something no matter the nature of the relationship. 

2. Play the role of the "damsel in distress"

I'm not going to lie, it's very difficult for guys to resist women who are in trouble.  Obviously, if you're having distress about not being able to buy your next Louis Vuitton bag and throw a scene, then you are a dumbass.  Some guys might actually help you out though.  However, a better method is to act sad over some issue, but to not be too overt about it.  When the guy sees how you're being "affected" by it, he'll probably try to help in some way or form.  However, don't just jump at his opportunity.  Be coy about it and say "how you'll feel bad, and how he shouldn't".  When he insists, then "reluctantly" agree. 

3.  Positive Reinforcement

Whenever your sugar daddy provides for you, tell him how happy he made you.  Smile at him, flirt with him, provide him with favors, and give a little.  If you make him feel good, special, and satisfy his needs, then he'll connect pleasure with helping you out.  

4.  Accidentally "forget" your money

This is the oldest trick in the books, but some guys fall for it.  If you're out on a date, don't bring enough money and act all sad about it.  If you know how to flirt with them and be coy about it, then chances are, the guy will pay for you.  Again, give to get. 

Use these tips, and you'll be a full-time, professional gold-digger in no time.