Become an Actor or Actress

Professional Acting

Every year many people try to establish acting careers, but as you probably know, it is extremely difficult to become an actress or actor who actually lands acting jobs on a regular basis. Becoming a working actor, in other words, is one of the more challenging career goals to fulfill. But just because it is difficult to become an actress, it is not impossible. If you follow the step by step plan outlined in this article, you will at least improve your chances of becoming a working actor. 

Take acting classes from a reputable teacher. If you are serious about becoming an actor or actress in Hollywood or New York City or London (or anywhere else for that matter), it is absolutely essential for you to take an acting course (or two or three) from a teacher who is widely respected. In acting class you will learn different acting techniques and you will also learn how to breathe properly, how to project your voice, how to use your body as your instrument, how to react to other actors, and many other important lessons.

The second step is to open your mind to all different kinds of acting work (with the exception of acting jobs that would compromise your integrity). For instance, if you visualize yourself as primarily a stage actress, open up your mind to working in more than one venue. Don’t limit yourself. Acting work is too scarce for you to place needless limitations on yourself. For instance, it is a good idea to audition for a commercial every now and then. Commercial spots pay well and can increase your exposure. Nearly all well known and well respected actors and actresses have acted in commercials from time to time to help pay the bills.

The third step in this plan is to take constructive criticism in the spirit in which it is intended. That is, when an acting teacher or a director asks you to try doing a particular scene in a different way, don’t feel insulted. Understand that the teacher or director is only trying to help you achieve your maximum potential as an actor or actress.

If you want to become an actress or actor, try working your way up to the top. Start acting in school plays and musicals as a young person and then start working in community or regional theater. In this way, you will keep building up your acting resume and gathering the experience you need to make it as an actor on the national level.