Emotions are a characteristic that every human being is given to them since birth. It is probably the first thing you will have and the only thing you will get before you pass on. Also, it can help you detect what another person is feeling at any moment. Many emotions are linked with certain body functions. You should also be aware that these are general and can change with every human being. As you know, every person on the face of these earth is different. Read on to see how.

Things You Will Need

Self awareness

Step 1

Anger: anger arises when something is not achieved. The face or neck is red, teeth may be shown as a snarl or roar, fists are clenched tightly and leaning forward (either slightly or very much).

Step 2

Fear: This emotion happens usually when someone feels threatened. The body may become colder, pale or blue face, mouth is dry, licking of the lips, no eye contact, tremors in either the arms or legs or lips, varying on tone in speech, high pulse levels (could be seen in how fast the limbs move), muscle tension and sweating.

Step 3

Sad: a feeling of laziness in the entire body, a monotone speech, and tears.

Step 4

Embarrassment: The neck as well as the face could be red, little to no eye contact with the other(s), a false smile, frequently changing of topics to cover up the emotion and a grimace.

Step 5

Surprise: When something is not ready to be shown or not expected. The eyebrows raise, eyes widen, mouth open and a motion of retreating or backward motion in the body.

Step 6

Happy: When goals are achieved. Usually a relaxation in the entire body, smiling with the mouth as well as the eyes and an open body in general.

Tips & Warnings