This is a freedom that thousands upon thousands of young people make in there late teens or early twenties. They usually attain this through college or finding a job so they can support themselves. Financial Independence is different for each person but this type is a goal for many young people. Read on to see how you can do this.

Things You Will Need

Means to reach your goals

Step 1

If you are going to college then keep working hard. Make sure you know what you want to do and strive to get it. Try getting a job that is either on campus or close to so you can start earning some income for yourself. Also, there are a few summer internships you can take that may pay you. Look into those because they can also help your career.

Step 2

Start setting up a goal each month. Try to save a certain amount of money each month (say 100 or 200 dollars a month).

Step 3

If you have a phone bill, start taking responsibility and pay for it yourself. This will teach you to pay for things on time on a regular basis.

Step 4

After you graduate, give yourself a time line when you plan to move out of your house and go out on your own. Say you want to give your self a month before you completely leave. How much money will you need for the first month? Where will you live? Who will you live with? Is it close to a job that you want to get?


Tips & Warnings