Staying healthy both mentally and physically can be accomplished when you restructure your routine to maintain your health, eating a balanced diet, avoiding excessive amounts of alcohol and illegal drugs, balancing your sleeping patterns, and by building mastery, so that you can have a sense of daily competence.

Things You Will Need

Family physician


Step 1

Get regular medical check-ups with your family physician. If you do not have any physical health problems prevent them by getting an annual physical. If you do have an on going health condition get regular check ups and follow through with any referrals that your physician gives you. Take good care of your health. If you are on prescribed medications take them as ordered.

Step 2

Eat a well balanced diet. Nutrition is important to over all health. Avoid over eating or under eating. Our bodies require proper nutrition to function it's optimal best.

Step 3

Avoid using drugs that can alter your mood such as alcohol in excess and illegal street drugs.

Step 4

Get plenty of sleep. Each of us are unique and require a different amount of sleep to be at our optimal best. Although most of us do not get eight hours of sleep per night that is one recommendation. Determine how much sleep you need to be at your best, then develop a sleeping schedule. Having a sleeping schedule can prevent interruptions in our sleeping patterns allowing us to be well rested and at our personal best.

Step 5

Get some type of daily exercise. If you do not regularly exercise talk with your physician. Once you have the go ahead from your family doctor that it's safe to begin an exercise routine start out slow. Find an activity that you enjoy. The more you like your new activity the more likely you are to make it part of your routine. Working up to twenty minutes of vigorous exercise daily is an excellent aerobic exercise.

Step 6

Make goals and work towards them. Making a small goal each day may build your self confidence, make you feel competent about your skills and give you a sense of being in control.

Tips & Warnings